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VU+Duo openpli 4.0 No Free Tuner regularly

28 August 2015 - 10:52



First post, please go easy on me. I did a search but didn't find anything relating to this issue.


I've gone from pli 3 to pli 4.0, if I leave the box in standby I can see the REC red light come on and when I bring the box out of standby I get the No Free Tuner! message.


Its only happened since the move from version 3 to version 4.0 and its fully updated, as of yesterday.


If I reboot the box and select a channel and leave it on it doesn't happen, its only if I put it in standby or I do something in the menu that stops the channel from displaying.


All channels on all satellite lists go grey and I'm unable to select any of them without getting No Free Tuner popping up.


The OpenWeb interface has been disabled, I thought perhaps something else was trying to take control of the box and there are no timer recordings setup


Any advise or help much appreciated.