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In Topic: E1 build fails

17 October 2013 - 00:17

I used the web interface to mount a windows share to /media/hdd (shared also with the build machine)

On the build machine: it is a simple 'make' then 'cp'

on the dreambox: 'chmod' then run


I'm not sure if using flash wizard pro has more to offer compared to this method.


I was considering creating a plugin for later distribution, but it seems that a simple binary + a script/howto is more then enough.

In Topic: E1 build fails

16 October 2013 - 22:09

Well, after spending a few hours with the cdk, I came to the same conclusion, nevertheless I'm impressed by the amount of work put into it, and the stability on the device.


I can compile and test simple programs now, which is fine for me.


I'm looking forward to learn about deploying to the device. The wiki is lacking. But this is more about linux than openpli.

In Topic: E1 build fails

16 October 2013 - 18:58

Since building sqlite is causing the problem, I thought: why not get rid of it ?

I ended up removing it, removing dp_epg, and removing sqlite's dependency from epgstore.cpp (forcing eEPGMemStore instead of eEPGSqlStore).

Hopefully nothing essential.


The build process yielded now a 5.0MB img file, I did not test it yet, but it seems legit.


md5sum of sqlite-3.6.4.tar.gz: B9832CD8734D4568E384E1C60B50C92F

(verified with same file from other sources)


I'm interested to see what do you believe caused the problem.