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In Topic: PD1LOI-Full-HD test skin (PLi-FullNightHD skin Mod) 1920x1080

15 February 2024 - 11:55

Can we have the Weather back to  PD1LOI-Full-HD utilizing enigma2-plugin-weather_b1.1_py_3.9.9.ipk  instead of MSN weather?  for Openpli9

In Topic: OpenPLi 9.0 release available

23 November 2023 - 20:30

There is EPG translator in OpenViX feed....

I flashed Openvix 6.4 Python 3 , but the plugin browser is giving error


If any one have EPGtranslate Python3, please upload zip file , then i will try

In Topic: OpenPLi 9.0 release available

21 November 2023 - 16:47



I have two problems after flash to 9.0 on my VuDuo2!

First, the Clock on LCD.window does not show up (black screen)

Second, LCD4Linux setting in Webif does not work for me

"Error 404: Not found The requested page doesn't exist", it says in my web browsers (Safari and Brave)

I have reflashed twice and the same result both times

The LCD4Linux plugin works as what I can see!


lcd4linux should work now, affter a software update and a reboot.


I can't confirm any web interface issues, the lcd4linux page works fine here, on the Duo2.


    great job  :thumbs-up:  @WanWiard . thank you . lcd4linux works very well now on vu+duo2  



after flash to 9.0 on my  my  VU+ Duo2 


LCD4Linux  does not have LCD1 Type Internal VU+ Duo2 LCD 400x240

Used the LCD4Linux settings page in WEB-interface and checked the drop-down box for LCD 1 , LCD1 Type does not have  "Internal VU+ Duo2 LCD 400x240"


also couldn't find plugin for EPG translater.

In Topic: Tuner problem

17 September 2023 - 09:07



I have similar problem


4 Quad LNB's connected to 3 DISEqC with 3 cables A, B and C

Cables A and B connected to Vu+ Duo2 tuners A and B

Cable C is conected to Edison Receiver. Say Tuner C


For many years while any tuner is in use or recording , the two other tuners work properly i could browse and record , some times multiple recording on two tuners,  still all channels on the third tuner are working properly.


For the last year

When one tuner is in use the other two tuners do not work properly many channels on all LNBs becomes week or fail to tune or signal disappears regardless of the polarity or high , medium low frequencies,  Few channels on all LNBs still working. 


I have tested each tuner alone works perfectly with the other 2 tuners off or disconnected, which indicate that tuner, cable,  DISEqC amd LNB's are fine.

Tested tuner A equal to tuner b , still same problem.

some times when say tuner a is ni use recording tuner B lags alot for tunining.


Any clues.

Replaced the cables , working well now

In Topic: The first Release Candidate of the 9.0 image is online.

31 August 2023 - 22:12

Can you open the LCD4Linux settings page in WEB-interface and check the drop-down box for LCD 1 typeThanks


I have opened  the LCD4Linux settings page in WEB-interface and checked the drop-down box for LCD 1 type.


Does not have "Internal VU+ Duo2 LCD 400x240"


It have    " Internal TFT - LCD 400x240" , I tried but doesnt work