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How to use command line to make a usb recording play on tv ?

17 October 2019 - 21:03

I am using an enigma2 image called PKT Hyperion on an Amiko Alien 2 box.
I use this to make recordings to a usb drive that is connected to the box. When I want to play the recordings (mp4, avi, mkv) on my TV (that is connected to the Alien 2 box) I press the FOLDER button on my tv remote and then highlight one of the recordings on the menu that appears and then I press the OK button on the remote. Then the movie starts to play on my tv.
The PKT Hyperion movie menu I am talking about is attached.
My question:
I want to play recordings that are on the usb key that is connected to the Alien2 box... on my tv.
I don't want to have to use my tv remote and the menus in my enigma2 image to make the recordings play on my tv.
Is it possible to make a recording play on the tv using the command line only?
There is an old thread here... https://forums.openp...a2-pipe-stream/
It might have the solution but I can't really understand the explanation in there.
Can you help me or tell me someone else who might know?
Thank you,