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#384636 mgcamd for Pli 4.0 @ littlesat

Posted by Alias1 on 3 November 2013 - 11:16

Here you go the last one

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#377527 mgcamd for Pli 4.0 @ littlesat

Posted by Alias1 on 2 October 2013 - 23:15

Try this one

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#377362 mgcamd for Pli 4.0 @ littlesat

Posted by Alias1 on 2 October 2013 - 13:04

Bloody hell.

Done and done.

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#376870 mgcamd for Pli 4.0 @ littlesat

Posted by Alias1 on 29 September 2013 - 23:01

This is my final effort to get this in the feed for Pli.

The binary has been modded to look for the new lib files in Pli 4.0 it does NOT include the lib files for older versions of Pli.

The control file has been changed to reflect that it is for Pli 4.0.

I am not going to get the in the argument that this cam is only for card sharing only as I use it in conjunction with oscam to read my local card.

Ie oscam as the card server and mgcamd as the soft cam.

To say I was disappointed that Pli removed oscam as a card server from the feeds would be an understatement.

But eh I don't make policy on this site

Enjoy :)


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#295573 Can we use new original enigma2 plugins ?

Posted by Alias1 on 30 August 2012 - 10:39

Why every time this guy shows up on here he has nothing positive to say.
Stick to your own forum mate where your admins have free reign.

#274941 Red Heat

Posted by Alias1 on 5 May 2012 - 04:22

Here :)
Use --force-overwrite when installing.
A lot of work went into this

#272931 excort skin

Posted by Alias1 on 23 April 2012 - 10:53

Stuffed up use this one doh

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#241805 Vu+ Kernel 3.1.1 beta

Posted by Alias1 on 28 December 2011 - 12:18

But in between you did the work.....

well no disrespect intended but if we just sat around and waited for manufacturers to hand us every thing on a plate we would never have moved on from the basic images, i can see your point and i do somewhat agree that promises have been made and you want to make sure that those promises are upheld. but were in this as a hobby and some people just cant sit still and wait, they have to do kind of like andy.

Look who the cat dragged in :)

#235604 Nemesis Glassline

Posted by Alias1 on 30 November 2011 - 20:47

Is this skin OK for a VU duo with PLi 2.1 ? And it would be nice if you could show some screenshots

Yes it does work I will post some screen shots when I have the tine currently I am modding another skin :)

#233493 hd-line_tvpro modded

Posted by Alias1 on 21 November 2011 - 11:24

can you add the resultion of the channel somewhere in the skin.

2 by okay presses and you will see it on the SIB :)

#232660 Enhanced Movie Center (EMC) V.3.0.0 by Coolman, Betonme & Swiss-MAD

Posted by Alias1 on 19 November 2011 - 07:47

Feature list
• Many file types are listed and played in hardware:
Video: [". ts", ".mpg", ".divx",". f4v", ".flv", ".img", ".iso",". *.m2ts",". m4v", ".mkv", ".mov",". mp4", ".mpeg", ".mpg", ".mts", ".vob"]
Audio: [". editing", ".dts", ".flac",". m4a",". mp2",". mp3", ".ogg", ".wav"]
• EMC has an own player frontend "EMCMediaCenter" with the all formats that can be your Dreambox, can also be replayed.
Backend for the E2 Movieplayer, the GStreamer plugin and the DVD Player plugin used.
(This is why the DVD Player plugin must be for DVD formats also installed.)
(Of course the "EMCMediaCenter" can be geskinnt full it used only their own converter so that it can be integrated in an existing skin.)
• The different formats are marked with corresponding icons.
• Symlinks are displayed and marked with a special icon. (If the target does not exist, the symlink will not appear.)
New symlinks can be created in the EMC.
• EMC can create own bookmarks
In the Setup on/off switch • which display to date. (It uses dd.mm.yyyy)
• File collation can be toggled by date or name. Also, in the sort order can be reversed.
• For all file types there is a status/progress bar. In the Setup can choose between "ProgressBar", "% display" or "Off".
• Film icon and progress bar can accept 4 colors: not seen [White], played [blue], completed seen [Green], during the recording [Red]
• In the Setup can be set from vieviel per cent, that is to change the color ProgressBar and the icon.
• The color of the ProgressBar you can switch out, if it is 100% in Setup to 0, or will have no color changes only at the end of (e.g. 5% and 100% or 0% to 90%.)
• The film status can now be switched in 3 States [radio button]. Not seen, played, finish seen.
"Alluded" of the status of toggle (on "Not seen" or "Done seen"), is the last position (last played) converted to a marker.
Thus no more if is to be continued at last position appears on the status of "Not seen" or 'Done seen'. But can the "<" and ">" buttons still on the last position appears as a marker was used here.
• Menu can be removed all tags "Remove all film marker". This is also useful if you change the status to "Last Played" gets running a marker and everything will be get rid.
• That toggle the status [radio button] can also with a selected movie list (multiple movies at the same time) are made (only on "non" and "done" status).
• For all listed video and audio formats is a "cuts" file created (E2 compliant), which also there as in E2 recordings in * .ts a continued is stopped somewhere "resume" is possible, and markers can be used.
• Also for not * .ts files can for example with EITitor a * .eit or * .meta are created in which a description can be deposited.
Recordings current • are displayed and specially marked.
• The [video/PVR] or [TEXT] button you can mark entries. Lets all marked entries at the same time deleted/moved/successively played / or will change the status.
With the [TEXT] button, you can from the start position away directly everything in between are marked with the cursor.
You can scroll with the [BOUQUET] keys at the beginning or the end of the list. With the [navigation keys left/right] page.
• With LANGE [video/PVR] can be removed all tags.
• DVD directories (VIDEO_TS with VOB), with the name of the directory and can be played directly without having to navigate in the VIDEO_TS directory.
• "Play all": with the [play] button (old remote control with [Shift]-[Green] = play) all files in the current directory from cursor to play position until all have been played.
The cursor is on a directory, all files in the folder are played.
(Even with very large media collection no delay in the launch occurs because the playlist is dynamically determined.)
• With [long info] can be queried to the title in IMDb (the Internet movie database). (IMDb plugin must be installed for it.)
• When the play can in EMC with the button [Green] between pillarbox, panscan, and just scale be toggled.
If EMC terminates preset will be back again to the E2.
• Automatic trash:
The Recycle Bin is emptied at the set time, or at the start of E2, if no recording is running or is not accepted for 10 min.

In operation, the Recycle Bin is not emptied when a recording is running or is within 10 minutes a recording.
Could not be deleted due to recordings or upcoming recordings, is every 30 min checked until not recording runs more, and within 10 minutes no recording will be ansteht....danach deleted.
Next delete operation happens again the next day after the set time.

Of course, only the files are deleted already staying in the Recycle Bin as set in the Setup.
Is required 24 hours verweildauer a set day and not just looked to the date.
(Because otherwise it could yes I happen shortly before midnight what do delete, and the deletion 01: the recording is 00 h only about an hour in the Recycle Bin was.)
The whole takes place independently of EMC in the background, it must be called to do this so not EMC so that the Recycle Bin is emptied.

• Setup point "Movie list is skin bar":
JA = values from the widget name = "list" will be used from the skin.
NO = default values from the plugin is widget name = use "list".
Thus it is possible to switch 2 different views in the Setup (default or from the skin), provided that in the skin this is available.
(Someone used a skin of supporting the old version of EMC, is used here in the Setup on no.)

• Can the E2 timer list with the button [TV long] be called directly from EMC out.

Features in the movie list:
-Steering cross: navigation in the movie list (keys < and > Browse entire pages)
-BOUQUET: Scrolls to the beginning or the end of the list
-Key "<": a directory level back
-Key ">": the previous directory back. (Only the last directory is noted.)
-INFO: Standard Enigma2 EPG info (EventView)
-Long INFO: querying titles in the IMDb (the Internet movie database). (IMDb plugin must be installed for it.)
-MENU: EMC function menu (EMC functions) and film plugin menu (film plugins such as MovieCut etc.)
-Long MENU: film plugin menu (film plugins such as MovieCut etc.)
-AUDIO: Plugin film menu (film plugins such as MovieCut etc.)
-RADIO: Toggle played between seen and unseen
-TV: reload current directory
-Long TV: the TimerListe of E2 calls. (E.g. practical if a Wiederholungstimer that is active is to be stopped, because that is not directly in EMC.)
-VIDEO(PVR): film select / deselect for multiple selection
(Switch to several movies at the same time to delete/move/game state, or in which order to play marked).
-Long VIDEO(PVR): remove all tags
-TEXT: multiple selection / demarkierung from-> to position (mode is back and forth switched (toggle)).
(Switch to several movies at the same time to delete/move/game state, or in which order to play marked).
-OK: play from current cursor position / play all selected films in selected order from (playlist)).
-PLAY: (old remote control [Shift]-[Green] = play) "play all" (also on the [MENU] button to reach.)
Plays all files starting at cursor position of the series to from, and begins again from scratch at the end.
The cursor is on a directory, its contents including all subdirectories is played sequentially, and starts again from scratch at the end.
-Long PLAY: (old remote control [Shift]-[Green] long = long play) "play all shuffle" (also on the [MENU] button to reach.)
Takes place all files starting at cursor position with random play, and begins again from scratch at the end. (Up to repeat each file will play only once.)
The cursor is on a directory, its contents including all sub-directories with random play will play, and begins again from the end from the front.
-Red: current cursor position / delete delete all selected files
(deletes directly when in the "Fate of the files in the Recycle Bin (days)" is set to 0)
Stop the recording if the recording is still active. (If retry timers, then TV long used to get into the E2 TimerListe.)
-Green: Toggle between sorting by alphabet / date
-Yellow: move current cursor position (LocationBox opens for destination entry)
(Is something marked can be moved without LocationBox when the cursor is set to the destination directory.)
-YELLOW long: copy current cursor position (LocationBox opens for destination entry)
(Is something marked can be copied also without LocationBox when the cursor is set to the destination directory.)
-Blue: go to "home Movie" or "last film" play off (can be set in the setup which function)
-Key "0": go to "home Movie". (e.g. practical if key [blue] on "last film" is configured.)
-Blue long: E2 bookmark call with the ability to set new or delete.
-HELP: Collection of the keys
-Key "4": AV switch-> switching between pillarbox, panscan, and "just scale".
-Key "7": Direct call to CoolTVGuide (where CoolTVGuide is installed.)
-"8" Key: Direct call to cool single Guide (unless CoolTVGuide is installed.)
-Key "9": Direct call to cool easy guide (unless CoolTVGuide is installed.)

While playing a recording:
-RADIO: ext. Plugin menu (as with E2 blue button or if BluePanel exists in long blue.)
-Steering cross up/down: calling from EMC
-INFO: EPG show description of the recording.
-TEXT: Teletext of reception point to the device.
-Green: panscan, and "just scale" switch between pillarbox.

While playing a DVD:
-MENU: DVD menu
-CHANNEL: next/previous chapter
-Long CHANNEL: next/previous track
-BOUQUET: skip to the next chapter
-Long BOUQUET: skip to the next track.
-AUDIO: audio track menu
-Long AUDIO: Audio DVD menu
-RADIO: switch audio track
-Long RADIO: DVD-Audio menu
-TEXT: Subtitle a / switch.
-TEXT: Subtitle a / switch
-VIDEO (PVR): next perspective

• Currently available languages are: English, German, Dutch, Polish, Slovak, and Italian (thanks to Bschaar, ni_hao, jkkk, Spaeleus, and kosmacz for the translation).

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#232212 radio.mvi

Posted by Alias1 on 17 November 2011 - 15:57

Fixed than you guys

#231827 Skin Neon Blue-Hd for et9000

Posted by Alias1 on 16 November 2011 - 01:45

@ambrosa tthanks for the feedback
Fixed the obivious ones,uninstall fixed plus a general clean up :)
Tested on my et9000

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#231568 Skin Neon Blue-Hd for et9000

Posted by Alias1 on 15 November 2011 - 05:01

Did a lot of work fixing this let me know what you think

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  • screenshot3.png

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#230748 New skin LT6-HD

Posted by Alias1 on 12 November 2011 - 11:40

Vanaf de volgende build (morgen ochtend) zit de d versie erop... Nu is het de c versie.

Say what??