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Cannot change Kodi timezone.

25 January 2018 - 16:12

Have just installed this onto my Zgemma H7C running OpenPLI 6.1. Seems to work. However, the ability to change to the timezone is greyed out and therefore one hour ahead of what it needs to be. Obviously, I would like to make the option available, or alternatively is there a file on the box that can be editted? Thanks.

UK Cable

10 November 2017 - 17:14

Hello, I have Edision and Zgemma receivers and it would appear that the UK cable provider has made some changes which I'm hoping can be fixed in software. On doing a channel scan, many of the services do not store an audio PID. When the correct audio PID is stored manually using Dreamboxedit, the sound will still not ouput from the receiver(s) although they show as transmitting audio in bitrate viewer. Also, if the stream is then viewed in VLC or Kodi on a PC, the sound is back. Please let this be a simple fix...

Zgemma H7

22 July 2017 - 21:26

Can someone confirm that the new Zgemma H7 handles automatic refresh correctly like it's brother H5 boxes. In other words, if you switch to a 60Hz IPTV stream, it makes the changes seemlessly. Thanks.

Weird Edision / Refresh / Autoresolution

22 July 2017 - 18:06

This is very strange. I have three identical Edision OS Mini receivers. I have flashed each of them with identical builds of Open PLI 6. Whilst it would be nice if Edision could fix the drivers for multi refresh to work correctly (like ZGemma seem to have done), I have tried to get Auto Resolution to work. I have got it to work fine on two receivers but very oddly, the same settings don't work on the other. Does anyone have any suggestions to get it to work on all three. The reason I want it to work is that I have a collection of IPTV TV streams at 60Hz and it's a pain to have to manually switch the receiver that doesn't change automatically.


Incidently, is there any way to enable 720p30 or 720p60 mode in Autoresolution as this may work as well.

Fixes Request For UK Cable

20 July 2017 - 15:24

Can you please resolve the following for UK Cable...


horror channel listings are incorrect (showing E4 +1)

Sky Sports Football HD listings are incorrect (showing 4Seven)

Sky Sport Football listings are missing

Sky Sports Arena HD listings are incorrect (showing Sky Cinema Hits)

SKy Sports Arena listings are missing

Kiss listings are incorrect (showing Cartoonito)

Magic listings are missing

MTV Live HD listings are missing

Notts TV listsings are missing

Sky Cinema Hits HD listings are incorrect (showing Best Direct)

Talking Pictures listings are incorrect (showing TJC)

TJC listings are missing

Sky Cinema Greats (Tom Hanks) listings are missing

Sky Cinema Greats HD (Tom Hanks HD) listings are missing


If these can be fixed, it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.