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#88557 The PLi® Wiki - Help for all users

Posted by jonc on 28 November 2008 - 05:53

The PLi® Wiki.

We have developed a wiki for the following set top boxes that we support;

DM500 DM500plus DM56xx


DM7000 DM7020 DM7025

DM800 DM8000

Note: we do not support the DM100 as it is not a Linux based set top box.

This wiki is here to help answer your questions, provide howtos and so much more. It is a total resource for you and your friends to use to help you get the most out of your PLi® software experience on your DM set top box.

Do you see the way the words like DM500 are in blue in with a red underline above, well this means if you click on the word DM500 it will take you to the PLi® Wiki page for the DM500 set top box.

You will also many other words highlighted like this and sometimes when you post a question in this forum it will highlight the words you have written, which means there might already be an answer in the PLi® Wiki for you already.

While we have tried to add as much as possible to the wiki we welcome your input. As a registered user of this web site you can set up / add your own wiki pages. Please feel free to add to wiki. We have added a short layout / format details page here WikiStuff and more details on how to do it can be found here >> FormattingRules <<

Please use this resource and tell your friends about it.

With over 318,399 hits to the main HomePage alone since the release of our Jade software in the summer of 2008 - it is helping many users.

Are you using it?

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#82925 PLi® DM500 wikipedia desktop application

Posted by jonc on 1 October 2008 - 12:20

This is a desktop application written in Adobe AIR for DM500 users who use the Pli Software and want direct access to the Pli DM500 wikipedia called PLi Wikipedia Tools.

Will work on the MAC and Windows (XP/Vista) 100%. No known issues with this version, bar no back button, use the wiki links at the bottom of each page.

To install

1. Download
2. unzip the file
3. click on the installer
4. there will be an error telling you this is application from an unknown source (I do not have a verisign certificate) so just click OK
5. it will run or click on the icon to run it.


If you have any feedback please put it here.

If it all proves OK I will put the other Wikipedia Tools here for the DM 56x0, 500+, 600, 7000, 7020 and the limited E2 wiki

EDIT: A Screen dump

Posted Image

I should add this is a jon project not an official PLi project ..

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