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DM800 - tuner has disappeared but can be found with another image. Bug?

10 April 2014 - 10:32

New here  :D
I have an older DM800HD clone and recently I ran into a problem that might be a bug in the image. 
Last year my tuner suddenly disappeard after a power out reboot (I usually have my box on 24/7). 
The image I was using then was OpenPLi-2.1-beta-dm800-201311xx.zip
After a number of retries I gave up and ordered a new (ALPS) tuner but with no success, the tuner was still missing. 
I tried everything; changing the 2:nd stage bootloader (ssl_84b to ssl_84d) forth and back, sending image in serial mode, using different (patched) DreamUp-versions and trying different OpenPli versions. 
Nothing helped. 
But finally - and I don't really know how - the tuner was found and I could set up the box again. 
So I saved the files for further use. 
Last week I had an hardware issue with my clone and I had to replace some capacitators. 
Since this issue messed up my image I had to reflash the box again. 
Same problem now, no tuner found. Even though I used the same files as before. Even tried latest OpenPli. 
Changed back to old tuner - no difference. 
Then I read on a forum about som gyus having the same problem - no tuner found - but all they did was pressing right arrow in the tuner configuration menu and then the tuner 
showed up an could be selected! But...there is no such option in OpenPli; nothing happens. 
So I installed a random image - Peter Pan 4.0 - and bingo: I could change the Tuner <empty> to my ALPS tuner! 
From there I could get my box running again. 
My guess is that OpenPli in some way, and under some circumstances "shuts off" the tuner. But how can I then turn it on? 
Tonight I will try to install the latest OpenPli now that I know that the tuner is found again. But what will happen next time?