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H264 4K 60FPS NOK on Ultimo 4K but OK on Amiko Viper 4K

27 November 2020 - 07:40

Hello, the title says it all!


I'm trying to play a 4K 60FPS H264 file on my very expensive Ultimo 4K and I only get a black screen with audio.

The same file is opended and read without any problem on my very cheap 4K receiver Amiko Viper 4k using an OpenVix image....


So it is really a hardware restriction or an image restriction? A missing Codec in Openpli?


How can such an expensive product miss this kind of  file ?


What about the "NEW" Vu+ DUO 4K SE? Is it the same Crap?


Why would it be worth investing so much money then?