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How to make SMA TV interactive?

2 July 2014 - 01:06

Hello everyone,


New to this community, new to OpenPLi. I was looking for a solution and I found this open source software, which might be a solve the problem. Dont know currently whether it can satisfy my requirements or not, which are:


I want to have a device that can be connected to TV on output (whether by DVB or HDMI) and a computer at input (via ethernet). It does not have to do anything with the normal TV/channels. This device needs to overlay a ticker or jacket of graphics on the normal SMA TV stream and take certain inputs from TV remote and send to the server via LAN. 


How to accomplish this? Suggestions, solutions? 


Secondly, if OpenPLi can be used for this purpose then what is the minimum price of a compatible STB? (Chinese price will be better if anyone knows, because required final price is a maximum of 25 USD per piece).


Thanking you all in advance for your help and support. (And if this was not the right forum category to ask this question then my apologies as I did not find a more better fit)