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Unicable to legacy

30 August 2022 - 11:32

So i live in an appartment and had to pull some wires years ago and decided to go for a unicable solution since OPENPLI and the supported tuners allow to use of it.


It was a great solution since i just had to pull 1 wire from the roof. But now i also want to connect Legacy tuners on this unicable setup without having to pull 3 more wires (qauttro). I do still have another wire at the roof so essentially 2 wires do come down to the room.


I was wondering if it is possible to somehow use this new WIDE BAND LNB's and an IDLU-UWT110-CUO1O-32P to combine UNICABLE II with a legacy multiswitch in cascading mode.. the unicable multiswitch then must convert the wideband signal to LH LV HH HV signal in cascading mode.


Attached File  setup.JPG   59.91KB   2 downloads

So essentially i only have 2 wires coming from the LNB down to the room...


Else i have to pull two more coax wires to allow an QUATTO setup which allows UNICABLE + LEGACY multiswitch setup for sure


Then 4 wires go into IDLU-UWT110-CUO1O-32P and looptrough the output again to a legacy cascading switch allowing uncable II and legacy to work but this does mean i have to pull 2 extra wires.


Any suggestions?