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create / build first plugin

19 November 2014 - 13:18

I am looking into creating, building, uploading and installing my first (dummy) plugin. Just to get a feel for the proces involved in these steps.


I know I am expected to learn by example, searching forum, googling and so on. However I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction.


Looking at some plugins it seems some use a makefile - make.am, while others use bitbake recipes - plugin.bb. Searching for creating openpli plugin I found: http://wiki.openpli....E2PluginsCreate , which seems to use yet anohter approach. 


My best guess is the preferred way is to use bitbake recipes and the wiki description is outdated or describes something completely different (and I misunderstood). 


To get more context. I cloned plugins from git into eclipse and these sourses are stored outside the openpli40 (setup tutorial). I copied one of the plugins and changed name, description, etc (setup.py) and removed all the plugin logic (only imports, def Plugin and def main remain). I just want to build, upload and install, so it will show up in the plugin menu. Then work from there.


All information about proces, preferred way of working, etc, is welcome offcourse. Thanks in advance