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In Topic: 7.2 software management

17 March 2020 - 16:18

Thank you wanwizard,

much appresiated, i will update the software,

In Topic: 7.2 software management

17 March 2020 - 15:32

The only morpheus I know, is not a plugin, but are channel lists and with the 7.2 release of OpenPLi, the Morhpeus833 channel lists are in the settings section of the plugins of the OpenPLi feeds, that's the only thing I can comment on.

but are they the latest release ?

In Topic: ustvnow

17 February 2020 - 22:33

I’m afraid it is out of order due to the cat and mouse game....

thanks for reply littlesat,

do you think it could be in order in the future weeks ahead ?

In Topic: Enigma2 and BBC/ITV at 27.5W Intelsat - a big challenge

20 December 2019 - 22:54

so after upgrading my vusolo2 to openpli 7.1 cant seem to get 27w working again, i have oscam-emu running and edited the lamedb but nothing, i can see the emulater working on other sats arena sports for example, so i cant be far off, is there any problem with this new buld of 7.1, can anyone post a config for oscam-emu as i might be missing something, thanks all

hi members,

so after getting time to work this out i updated image to 7.2 with  oscam-emu r11546-798,  all working ok now,

In Topic: Why umpten hours to upgrade picons...?

21 November 2019 - 20:47

srp = by service reference, snp = by name.


The first has a one-on-one match between channel and picon, but means you may miss picons for other channels with the same name.

The second has picons by name, doesn't have that problem, but may show incorrect picons for some channels, and also has problems when you have renamed channels.

thank you for the explination,

is it that the different sizes are different screens ? or different skins ?