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In Topic: TSmedia enigma2 plugin 1.0

23 March 2015 - 05:25

we don`t support clone boxes.

but i´m a friendly person, so i will give you a hint. ;)

usb stick & flashexpander.

that´s all the support i can give you.


grtz Philip


I did not realise.


Sorry if I offended.


thanks for the hint.

In Topic: TSmedia enigma2 plugin 1.0

22 March 2015 - 19:32

TSmedia will not run in internal flash of classical dmm boxes because need good capacity

do you have usb port in your box?



I think i have a standard dm500hd clone. At the back there is an esata connector and a miniusb connector. Inside the box there is a standard usb socket which I haven't tested yet. will this do?


In the meantime I ran "df -h"  in telnet and the reply was the following:


                       size         used


/dev/root         60M        57.1M

devtmpfs         66.3M     4.0K

tmpfs               64K           0

tmpfs              66.4M       368K


I need to read up on the meaning of tmpfs

In Topic: TSmedia enigma2 plugin 1.0

22 March 2015 - 14:54

As error message said you do not have enough free space
you have to mount usb flash or network drive to move the plugin and to freespace


Hi mfaraj57,


I am surprised I don't have free space since, following a fresh install of openpli4, the only thing I installed besides TSmedia was MGcamd.


In any case how would I install the plugin onto a usb flash?

In Topic: TSmedia enigma2 plugin 1.0

22 March 2015 - 06:43


TSmedia 9.0
for new setup
by telnet enter this command
opkg update && opkg install http://www.tunisia-dreambox.info/TSmedia/software_official/enigma2-plugin-extensions-tsmedia-oe2.0_9.0_all.ipk





I am having problems with this installation on my DM500HD sim2. 


At the end of the installation I am getting some error messages such as:


*copy_file_chunk: write: No space left on device

*opkg_install_cmd : cannot install package enigma2-plugin-extensions-tsmedia-oe2.0


After reboot all works fine until i press "TSmedia" when DM remains functioning on last channel and remote freezes completely. 


Rebooting clears the last error until "TSmedia" is hit again.


Any help?