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In Topic: OpenPLi 7.2-release available

2 May 2020 - 13:39

Hello to all, I use OpenPli 7.2 RC version (openpli-enigma7.2Rc-dmSSL84_191025) on my Dreambox 800HD original (I hope I write my question on right place). Everything is OK but I can not playback almost no videos from Youtube. I have an Youtube plugin by Taapalk (enigma2-plugin-extensions-youtube_h1+git478+3e096e2-r0.0_all). It is strange I can playback some videos downloaded from Youtube in Public feeds category (not all maybe just the smaller ones) but from Search category almost on one. I use in-built Media player in this image. I have created with Swap Manager an additional memory on USB stick by size of 2 GB (formatted by Dreambox). I am already desperate that I can not playedback any videos from YuTube. I am attaching my crashlog. When I am trying to play youtube video so it says it is buffering and mostly it stops at some percentage level of buffering and sometimes it try to buffer for the second time but it always gets stuck and I have to reboot an receiver by unplugging. I will be grateful for every help or hint. Thank you very much, Regards.