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In Topic: OpenPli 8 skin geeft boot stop bij Zgemma LC (Star)

9 February 2021 - 12:27

Bedankt Littlesat, het is toch een full HD TV, maar de Star slaat dus vast als ik  de full HD night kies.


Thanks IMS. Yestreday I tried to download fontmagnifier and it was not workig/downloading. I tried to download "Modifplifullhd" but get  the answer that its only running on full HD, and its stopped.

But, hereafter I tried to download "fontmagnifier" again and now it was ok. I saw that the font was something as "nmb.ttf?" and changed it to "LiberationSans-Regular..ttf" 

Now the tekst is very sharp and nice toe read. So problem solved. :)


Thank you both for the help.  :thumbs-up: