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[Vu+Duo2] Tuner B resetting to DVB-T after reboot

vu+ duo2 tuner b sundtek dvb-c

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#1 curiousCorn

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Posted 9 February 2015 - 13:23

Hi all, strange problem.


I have a Vu+ Duo2 with the latest image and the latest Sundtek drivers installed (as I have a USB Sundtek tuner installed as Tuner C)


All of the tuners are allocated to DVB-C.


However... when I perform a reboot, Tuner B 'resets' itself to DVB-T. This is after a full reboot; restarting Enigma2 does not cause this effect.


To remedy this; I go to Tuner Configuration, where I see the tuner is DVB-T. When I select it, it proudly announces that it is DVB-C. To get it back to DVB-C, I have to change it to DVB-T, then back to DVB-C. Then it is OK - until the next complete reboot and then it's back to DVB-T.


I have re-installed the Sundtek drivers, but this made no difference.


Is there somewhere a configuration conflict, or something? Possibility that it's something on Sundtek's side? Might seem likely, given what I have to do to get Tuner B back to DVB-C. Why would Tuner B suddenly re-invent itself as DVB-T?


Tuners A and C (the Sundtek device) are fine.


What I have not tried so far is removing the Sundtek device and seeing what happens then. I'll try that tonight and report back.


Thanks and best regards,


Re: [Vu+Duo2] Tuner B resetting to DVB-T after reboot #2 Trial

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Posted 9 February 2015 - 15:09


did you send the box into deep standby or did you a box restart through the menu after you changed the settings? Only a clean restart or deep standby will save your settings.



Re: [Vu+Duo2] Tuner B resetting to DVB-T after reboot #3 curiousCorn

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Posted 9 February 2015 - 18:51

Hi, yes this is what I did.


I have noticed that when I remove the Sundtek USB tuner, the two internal tuners (A and B) behave themselves, and are correctly set to DVB-C - and they remain this way.


When I re-install the Sundtek (on Tuner C), then the fun starts. If I set Sundtek to DVB-C, then Tuner B gets upset and switches to DVB-T. If I set Sundtek to DVB-T, then Tuner B is happy again and sets itself to DVB-C.


I think I had better also register with Sundtek, and post there, see what they say.


Thanks !

Re: [Vu+Duo2] Tuner B resetting to DVB-T after reboot #4 sundtek

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Posted 10 February 2015 - 19:08



I don't see that we are touching the internal tuner at all, let's see the comments of the others for 1 or 2 days, if nothing comes up please contact us via skype chat (sundtek) or Webchat http://chat.sundtek.de so we would check directly on your box what is going on there.

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