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#507292 SKY.NEW Skin V2.0

Posted by jimcarrey on 29 September 2015 - 19:04





I am trying to install this on a vu+ Solo se usig SSH but it dosnt seem to work.

when I do:

cd /tmp
opkg install enigma2-skin-SKY.NEW-Chababu_V2.5_all.ipk

I get the below but nothing apears in the skin settings after a reboot.


Can any one help?

I've installed this before on a zero and I didnt really have any initial problems like this.

thanks in advance,


Try extract the ipk file and manually ftp all the relevant file and folders to their correct location of your receiver. Make sure you include the skymedium.tff font file as well as all the renderers and converters...


thanks for the reply.

You wouldnt be able to tell me what the relivant folders are would you?

Cheers buddy.
The SKY.NEW folder should be /usr/share/enigma2

Skymedium.tff should be /usr/share/fonts

Converters & Renderes should be /usr/lib/enigma2/python/components then either renderes or converters

Then restart enigma



Just a heads up, manually FTPing them worked a treat, cheers :) 

#496646 SKY.NEW Skin V2.0

Posted by jimcarrey on 3 July 2015 - 12:54




Hi. Great Skin. Everything works fine except when you press the down button for the tv guide the pip is just an image it shows whats on now on the stock version PLI-HD. The pip works fine in cool tv guide and when you press the menu button.

Hi chababu,

Your skins are great - thanks for contributing.

I'm having an issue with the channel selection screen. I don't get the next program info and the picture window always has a static image.
Is there a setting I need to change? This is working with other skins and it doesn't appear on your VM or SKY skins.


Thank u all...

Make sure you delete d2NextEvents.py, d2NextEvents.pyo,EventName.py and EventName.pyo from usr/lib/enigma2/python/Components/Converter

and replace them with these:


This should solve your problem.

Sorry guys, forget my last post, I found what I need on page 10, I thought I had trialled through the thred, My bad!

I still have an issue with the picons down the left hand side, see the below screen shot, can anyone help? thanks guys...

Hi there

Thnx mate...am glad you like the skin. To get the picons to show on the channel list you have to enable that in the settings...

Open Pli 4

Menu>Set Up>Settings>User Interface and look for display picons in channel list




Cheers Buddy,


Ill give that a whirl tonight when I get in,


thanks again for such and awesome skin :)