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In Topic: Error starting DVB-T scan

2 August 2015 - 21:02

I actually didn't even think of doing a manual scan since I've tried more than half a dozen different firmwares and the auto scan has always worked without issue. After some investigation I located the information needed to do a manual scan for a single frequency and tried it. To my surprise it worked. It would be a lot more time consuming to scan each frequency manually but since I'm actually only interested in two DVB-T channels (which are not available via satellite) that single frequency scan gave me all I needed.


I still think there's something not quite right with the OpenPLi firmware since it was not able to do the same auto scan that all other firmwares seems to manage. However, now that I was able to get the DVB-T channels I wanted I think I'll keep the OpenPLi firmware.


Thanks for the help!   :-)

In Topic: Error starting DVB-T scan

2 August 2015 - 17:51

I live in Sweden so it's the terrestrial network in Sweden I am trying to scan. However, provider is never specified further than the selection of "Europe, Middle East, Africa: DVB-T Frequencies". The other choices available in the default configuration, as I'm sure you already know, is "Europe, Middle East, Africa: DVB-C Frequencies", "Iceland: DVB-T Frequencies" and "Australia: DVB-T Frequencies". These options are the default options in the latest OpenPLi firmware and also the same as in all other firmwares I've tried. I suppose they all use the same terrestrial.xml file. The configuration I am using works perfectly with all other firmwares so why shouldn't it work with OpenPLi? 

In Topic: Error starting DVB-T scan

2 August 2015 - 15:35

The only configuration options I have is to enable the tuner, to select the terrestrial provider and switch the 5V on or off depending on whether or not I have an active antenna.


I enabled the tuner, selected the terrestrial provider "Europe, Middle East, Africa: DVB-T Frequencies" and switched the 5V on since I do have an active antenna. These are the exact same options and settings I have used for all other firmwares I have used. It has worked without any problem for all other firmwares so it's not a hardware issue and most likely not a configuration issue. However it still does not work for OpenPLi. I can't understand why.