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Error starting DVB-T scan

2 August 2015 - 12:27

I have a DM8000S and I recently found my way to OpenPLi. It has noticeably slower response than all other firmwares I’ve tried but I really like the look’n’feel of it as well as the configurability. There is one important thing that troubles me though and I hope someone can help me solve it because I’d really like to continue using OpenPLi


I have the two stock DVB-S2 tuners and I have added a Philips TU1216 DVB-T tuner to one of the two empty extra tuner slots (so not connected through USB). When I configure my tuners they are all recognized and all seems OK. However, when I scan the tuners there’s a problem. The DVB-S2 tuners are scanned without issue but when I try to scan the DVB-T tuner I get the message ”ERROR - failed to scan (error starting scanning)!”. Therefore I can’t view the channels that are only available through DVB-T. I can’t find any error logs indicating what has gone wrong. I also tried looking for drivers for the tuner but so far I haven’t found any.


Any ideas?