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Plugin remote timer doesn't show text

10 June 2019 - 05:29

I use(d) the plugin remote timer to view/edit timer events on the master box from a client box. Since a couple of months however, the text is not visible anymore. The plugin itself still works I can browse timer events by pressing up and down (the blue selection bar moves), and if I press for example yellow (remove) it does remove the timer event on the master box. Problem is only I can't see what timer even I've selected (or removed) as I can't see the text.


Ps. It would also be nice if there was also an option to disable the timer event instead of only remove (so it isn't placed back by the autotimer).

URL streams and remote channel stream converter

9 June 2019 - 11:03

I have several enigma2 receivers, of which a HD2400 with 4 tuners (DVB-c and S) in the living room. This 2400 is the "main" box and on this box I made a bouquet containing my favourite channels which I periodically edit with new or stopped channels. After editing I import this bouquet also to the other receivers using the remote channel stream converter functionality (so this favourite bouquet is on all boxes).


This works great in importing DVB-C/S channels, but direct internet streams in the bouquet are not imported (and I need to add them manually on each client box). Would it be possible to adapt the converter so that it also recognizes these streams and imports them also (of course without converting, because these url's can be used directly by the clients as they have a network/internet connection)?

Virtual keyboard SMS style 1 is no longer space

10 April 2019 - 07:54

I often use the sms style typing (for example in the Youtube plugin). With this style if you press 2 once it will be a, if you press 2 twice it will be b, if you press it 4 times it will be 2 etc etc. See below picture how the characters are divided over the keys.


In the past pressing 1 once would give a space, but since several months it gives a 1 first. As the space is more used than 1 would it be possible to reinstate the previous way (so pressing 1 once is a space and pressing it twice it will be 1)?