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#799664 CrossEPG not finding Rytec sources

Posted by viebrix on 18 November 2017 - 18:40

The binary was not the problem. The OE-A version keeps downloading again and again because it rejects something. Removing the alternate sources is a workaround and nullfying the randomiser is a workaround.

I have found the problem in file: src/common/xmltv/xmltv_parser.c

I've forked the github sources, changed the source and asked for pull / merge.


I have tested it and now crossEPG won't download from every url - it breaks after finishing the first without errors.


My only problem is that I have problems with the oe-alliance bitbake file. It compiles without error and produces an ipk. Installing this ipk manually on my VU+ completes without error. But Afterwards there was no CrossEPG in The Settings menu and also no CrossEPG in Plugins.

If I install the Cross EPG from the feed and copy my compiled files in the usr/crossepg directory over the old files it works..