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Streaming to pc from webif, not working...

30 December 2015 - 00:16

I am using latest openpli on my vu+ zero but when trying streaming a channel from webif with Firefox (or Chrome), it does not start streaming. I select to play the stream.m3u file with VLC or media player but the player just opens without the stream playing.


I remember it to have worked in the past, don't know why its broken now. While I can play files from my pc to the box without problems.

some plugins are not available...xbmc

13 October 2015 - 23:19

After starting Enigma, whenever I go to Plugins, I get this message:


Some plugins are not available:
Extensions / XBMC Addons (No module named xpath)


Now, I have installed xbmc plugin before on this receiver and then removed it.


I guess it has not uninstall successfully, so how can we do it manually, to remove the above message?



xtrend et4000 "invalid format" dead?

9 September 2015 - 22:52

I was watching TV 30 min ago while at a sudden i hear a small noise and then this message appears on the TV  screen:


"Invalid Format"  and the box is unresponsive!


I restarted it and the 3 front lights are ON, while the same massage appears from the TV: "Invalid Format". (I do not think its TV related since box does not boot anyway)


Tried flashing it with the usb I usually use for flashing it, but nothing happens. Changed unforce to force, the flashing procedure does not start anyway. (The light of the USB flash drive and the rj45 port are both ON at the begging).


All 3 front lights are always ON!!!


Will try flashing with a new usb drive tomorrow. Any idea, reason what might have happened?