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Is there any reason why http streams has to be disabled?

15 August 2018 - 17:06


I have an Vu+ UNO4K. I have always setup in the OpenWebif “Enable Authentication for streaming” to “ON”.


Then in the Customize menu I have the “Require authentication for http streams” set to “ON” as well.


These settings have always worked for me without any problems at all.


All of a sudden, I have installed the “OpenPLi 6.2-release (2018-06-20-release-6.2)” this feature will not work anymore, unless I set this to “OFF” in the Customize settings.


Is there a reason for this, because now whoever wants to will stream my channels without a password?


I have checked this as well in VLC. I don’t require a password anymore for streaming.


Why has this been changed?


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Chromium on Vu+ Ultimo 4K

11 February 2018 - 14:18

I have some questions regarding the Chromium browser for Vu+ products.

1. Is it available for OpenPli 6.1?

2. Has anyone experience using it? Does it support apps like Netflix or HBO.
I mean is it worth to the trouble of installing it. I have some subscriptions for example Netflix and HBO as mentioned above. Will it really work? Or is it just a dummy browser for browsing or checking mail and maybe playing some videos.

Basically is this just a sort of a gimmick from VU+ without good and cool features?


OT. In the past I have been using Cool TV Guide that exists in the feed. But I never got it working on newer VU+ products like the Ultimo 4K nor the UNO 4K. It installs fine but crashes when trying to use it. Is there another extension for having a better TV Guide than the default?


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PAU Plugin for Zgemma i55 and OpenPLi 6.1 Stable release

31 January 2018 - 18:58


I have been looking like crazy but just can't find the "Pau" plugin for my Zgemma i55 with the 6.1 stable release.

Where is it hidden?


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