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#768937 New Dreamboxes

Posted by kermith on 11 September 2017 - 20:27

I am actually one of those that for almost ten years have bought only original dreamboxes. When DM stopped working with OpenPli and it was time for me to switch my three boxes I went with Vu+ because OpenPli was supporting that brand.

Boy I really don't miss DM anymore because I think that VU+ boxes are so much better. I have actually gotten my Ultimo 4K the other day and quickly installed a fresh 6.0 OpenPli image.

Now I have a fantastic image with a great looking box. Happy camper here. And actually I am really glad that DM is not supported by OpenPli since I have gotten to know VU+ and what a great quality boxes they make at a very, very good price.
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#389773 DM800se hangs after a while playing 1080 mkv

Posted by kermith on 30 November 2013 - 02:28

So I transcoded the DTS to Dolby and .mkv ran smooth as well with the subtitles tracks in the video.
This actually means that one of the two has to be done, either delete the subtitles or transcode the DTS to make the .mkv run smoothly.


I prefer deleting the subtitles because it's faster and doesn't congest your PC which transcoding does.

Anyway any trick of the two will work, and lastly I just wish it could be somehow fixed in the future... or maybe that's to much to hope for :)