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In Topic: BackupSuite

20 December 2016 - 16:37

Hello, guys

Tomorrow I will change from VU+ Solo 2 to Uno 4K. Is it possible to make a backup to the settings to transfer them to the new box? I assume a total backup is not possible due to a different image and/or file system.

In Topic: openvpn - how to install?

23 September 2016 - 16:02


on http://swupdate.open...unity/releases/ I found that the latest release of openvpn is 2.3.12 (aug 2016), and that the version which installs by using the command  opkg install openvpn is 2years old. Unfortunately, as enigma2 supports only ipkg and no tar.gz, the downloadable up-to-date packages found on openvpn.org cannot be installed. Does anybody know if there is a up-to-date ipkg release (2.3.12 or similar) downloadable anywhere?


In Topic: PIP problem

19 June 2016 - 08:52

Thanks for your answers and support, indeed upgrading to CCcam231 solved the problem!

In Topic: PIP problem

18 June 2016 - 15:06

Sounds very logical.


You have one tuner available per orbital (satellite position). Which means that when you watch a channel, your tuner is locked to the transponder that channel is on, and you can only PIP (or record) channels on that same transponder. All other channels on that sat are not selectable.


That's why I said I'm aware and understand that I cannot choose two channels from the same Sat. But I tried makink PIP with channels from different sats.



Firstly there's a problem with your softcam. CCCam 2.2.1 will not allow multiple decoding... Change to CCCam 2.3.0 or better still OSCam... Off course, this only affects encrypted services. FTA will work since it does not use the softcam (how obvious).. Next you will need to set up your tuners correctly.. Use a 2:1 switch to connect 2 separate coax cables to your Solo2. Then set Tuner B same as Tuner A...

Hmmm, will try upgrading to 2.3.0.  About the second part of your reply: using double lnbs, two switches and two cables and then setting tuner b same as tuner a would only allow me PIP-ing channels from same sat. But for now I want to first solve having PIP from different sats. Do you think my setup is wrong for PIP-ing different sats?


If you add a switch, you also need to switch to twin LNB's, to be able to receive both satellite positions by both tuners.

Of course having two switches needs twin lnbs, I'm aware, thx