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In Topic: Youtube app rewind << does not work (using openPLI 8.3).

16 March 2023 - 10:35



Oh... sorry... I see... you meant stopping Enigma2 before installing the ServiceApp package. Well, in that case, yes. You're right.


It confused me because you used the wrong command, namely init 3. This ensures that the Enigma2 process and possibly other Run-Level-3 services are started (but this is probably no longer used in the case of Linux set-top boxes). If you want to stop Enigma2, as you know, init 4 and not init 3 is used.


It would be more clean if it is planned to restart the entire set-top box anyway, always first stop the Enigma2... and only then install system packages. On the other hand, the installation package must have these things solved in the installation script and, in case of urgent need, it must automatically stop Enigma2.

In Topic: Octagon SF8008 Reboot problem

15 March 2023 - 21:08

Problems with NOT rebooting could be anywhere else.


Of course, this ONE AND ONLY possibility, which you mention and which has not yet been substantiated by anything (further clues) from the interviewer, is not ruled out either. Or did you invent and add clues yourself that would determine the cause of this particular problem ? The problem of NOT rebooting can also be due to one of hundreds of other possible causes. Just because you believe it based on one fact doesn't mean it's the real cause of the problem. If at least 2-3 other clues lead to the problem, I recognize that it can be caused with a high probability by what you mentioned above. But since these clues are missing, we do NOT know where the problem is and we MUST find it.


If it turns out that the problem was in what you mentioned above, then it will only be a 1 to 1 coincidence.


Where exactly did the interviewer write something about network malfunctions or the use of WiFi ? Where exactly did he write something about using an external network drive ? I must have missed it somehow. Can you copy it for me please ? Thanks.



In Topic: Octagon SF8008 Reboot problem

15 March 2023 - 16:15



First, connect via FTP connection to your set-top box and check the contents of the crash-log files (you can find them here: /home/root/*crash*.log).


You can follow the date and time, which should be hidden in the name of these LOG files. If there is no date and time in the file name (I don't remember... sorry), then follow the numbers from the file name - the larger the number, the newer the file. I think these numbers represent the UNIX Time Stamp (counting from 1/1/1970, 00:00:00) and if you'd like, here's a converter: https://www.unixtimestamp.com/


If you found any current crash-log files by date and time in the file name, you can attach them here as a file attachment.




If you did not find any crash-log files in the set-top box (with the current date and time in the file name), you can also try debugging Enigma2. However, when the problem is not in Enigma2 but in the operating system, this debugging probably won't catch the error anyway.


Restart your OpenPLi in debug mode - every time you need to test your problem:


Or better via Linux Shell, which is a faster solution:

(for example, use a terminal connection to the set-top box, via SSH or Telnet protocols, with the help of the PuTTY application)


After a new start of OpenPLi, the debug-log file will be automatically generated. Then trigger an error - i.e. attempt to restart the set-top box. If in this case the error really manifests itself, then when OpenPLi is started again, find the created debug-log file and also the crash-log file (if you find one there) - according to the date and time of the approximate start of the set-top box. And put them here - in the discussion. It is ideal to copy these log files via an FTP connection. You can find them in the set-top box in the directory: /home/root

In Topic: Youtube app rewind << does not work (using openPLI 8.3).

15 March 2023 - 14:15



As far as I know, ServiceApp requires a complete restart because it is also implemented in the operating system, as a system service. It's not just an Enigma2 based thing. After the system restarts, the ServiceApp will work. But after restarting the GUI, it probably won't work fully.


I have not verified this, but I believe that I had this problem as well. I simply had to use a full reboot.


That's why there's the reboot command and not just init 4 and init 3 commands (stopping and starting the Enigma2).

In Topic: Youtube app rewind << does not work (using openPLI 8.3).

14 March 2023 - 21:08



I had a similar problem, but it only concerned videos with 1080p resolution.


Therefore, a possible solution in Enigma2 set-top boxes is to install the ServiceApp plugin + set an alternative default video player for the Enigma2 GUI.


So... as the first... install this ServiceApp plugin from the Enigma2 feed:

opkg update; opkg install enigma2-plugin-systemplugins-serviceapp; reboot

And then in the configuration of this ServiceApp plugin, change the default player for Enigma2, right to the ExtEplayer3 player (it is already part of the ServiceApp plugin installation package):

MENU -> Settings -> Usage and GUI -> ServiceApp -> Engima2 playback system = serviceapp / Player = exteplayer3


And then it will use the YouTube plugin to play its videos, precisely this ExtEplayer3 default Enigma2 video-player, in which moving the video forward and backward, at a resolution of 1080p or higher, does not cause any problems at all.