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how to add a plugin to the OpenPLi feed

12 December 2023 - 11:21



I am the author of the ChocholousekPicons plugin. Of course, the plugin works under both Python - version 2.x and 3.x. I've also always strived for very good support for older Enigma2 distributions as well... and even for the new DreamOS.


I have a technical question :). How exactly should I make the ChocholousekPicons plugin available in the OpenPLi feed ? Originally and long ago, this plugin was available in OpenPLi. But something happened and it hasn't been available there for a few years now.


Will it be enough to create a folder and add the BitBake recipe here ?


Alternatively, could someone (from OpenPLi development team or from the Python-skilled forum moderators) add and create this recipe instead of me ?


I don't have much experience making BitBake recipes. Some BB-recipes are already created for the "OE Alliance Group", for example this one:


...which already uses some list of open source plugins. Unfortunately, OpenPLi is not in this "OE Alliance Group", so this ChocholousekPicons plugin is not included either.


ChocholousekPicons source code: