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looking for Enigma2 plugin, designed to play videos directly from FTP sources

10 September 2020 - 20:14



I'm looking for a plugin for Enigma2, designed to play videos directly from FTP sources. Something similar to the addon in KODI / XBMC. It will probably be necessary on the FTP server side to allow the establishment of a broken connection (request for data from a specified file position). But that is a requirement of the FTP server.


Does this plugin also exist for Enigma2 ? Can anyone advise ?



enigma2.sh script will not start after booting the set-top box

2 September 2020 - 22:10



The enigma2.sh script does not start when booting the set-top box. After booting I only see the OpenPLi wallpaper. But FTP and SSH works. I can to connect via SSH and run the /usr/bin/enigma2.sh shell script manually and then OpenPLi starts and works normally (everything seems to be fine).


Does anyone know where the problem may be ? I don't want to do the new OpenPLi 7.3 reflash and configuration :).


I use the open-multiboot plugin (OpenATV 6.4 is used as the main enigma). Could there be an open-multiboot problem ?


What should I check as first ?