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In Topic: Streamlink [-27] Installer​​

9 May 2023 - 18:43

Hi, habe das Plugin installiert, alle Dateien dazu installiert und eine Zattoo Liste runtgerladen. Wo gebe ich nun meinen Login/Passwort Zugang ein, damit die Streams auch laufen? welchen Player wähle ich dazu am besten? Serviceapp an oder aus?

Gruß und Danke!

In Topic: [Italy-Italia] Changelog :)

19 April 2023 - 15:56

Maybe I simply can't find the EPG for Sky Sport GOLF Italia (Hotbird 13) but could you add this:


Reference of this channel: 1_0_19_1E58_2198_FBFF_820000_0_0_0

In Topic: Sound on IPTV channels disappear

18 April 2023 - 22:46

Thank you guys, will try it. But when I use the streams without the service number 4097 or 5001-5003 and with the 1 instead, I can't open the streams.

In Topic: IPTV UHD Channel - sound issues

31 March 2023 - 15:46


On the one hand, you should always display the stream as an analysis here.
So record a part and post the codec data here.

On the other hand, we will probably no longer be able to repair it in 8.3.
It's possible that the current version of gst in develop does it better.
ffmpeg (exteplayer3) a missing eac3 could bring the solution.
I will activate it in develop.
It's just difficult to maintain all the different combinations.


thank you.


So would you recommend to wait for a new stable image or just switch to the nightly builds? 


What do you mean with "ffmpeg (exteplayer3) a missing eac3 could bring the solution"? 

In Topic: IPTV UHD Channel - sound issues

31 March 2023 - 00:21

8.3. version