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Stutter and picture problems on Astra 23.5

31 August 2021 - 10:00


I'll try to describe my problem that I've been observing for about three or four weeks. I have a VU Uno 4k and I receive satellites Thor 0.8, Eutelsat 16, Astra 19.2 and 23.5.

I have now noticed especially on Astra 23.5 (on the Czech channels CT 1, 2, 3, 24, Sport etc.) an increasing number of blocks. According to the signal strength, I receive around 71%, which was always enought to watch TV without picture issues. Other stations on other satellites such as Astra 19.2 do not have such problems, sometimes the Eutelsat 16 has similar problems with some channels. However this affects almost exclusively the Czech-speaking channels on the frequency 12344 / H / 29900.

I also tried to attach a Vu Zero 4k - but without any improvements. One floor up, where the Vu Zero 4k is usually used, the interference does not occur.

Does anyone have any idea what could be the problem? Can it be due to the image or is it more the satellite system? I have now also tried Openpli 7.3, 8 and 8.1.


Thanks in advance for your advice.

Klötzchenbildung (auf bestimmten Sendern)

31 August 2021 - 09:53

Hallo zusammen,


ich versuche mal kurz mein Problem zu schildern, das ich nun seit etwa drei-vier Wochen beobachte. Ich habe eine VU Uno 4k und empfange sie Satelliten Thor 0.8, Eutelsat 16, Astra 19.2 und 23.5.


Mir ist nun aufgefallen, dass vor allem auf Astra 23.5, überwiegend auf den tschechischen Sendern CT 1, 2, 3, 24, Sport etc., vermehrt Klötzchenbildung auftreten. Laut der Signalstärke empfange ich etwa 71%, welches zuvor immer ausreichend war, um ohne Bildstörungen TV zu sehen. Andere Sender auf anderen Satelliten wie Astra 19.2 haben solche Probleme nicht, maximal der Eutelsat 16 weist bei manchen Sendern ähnliche Probleme auf. In der Regel betrifft dies jedoch fast ausschließlich die tschechischsprachigen Sender auf der Frequenz 12344 / H / 29900.


Habe auch versucht eine Vu Zero 4k dranzuhängen - jedoch ohne Besserungen. Ein Stockwerk weiter oben, wo die Vu Zero 4k sonst zum Einsatz kommt, treten die Störungen nicht auf.


Hat jemand eine Idee, was das Problem sein könnte? Kann es am Image liegen oder doch eher an der Satellitenanlage? Habe nun auch Openpli 7.3, 8 und 8.1 probiert. Möchte nur ungern andere Images ausprobieren.


Danke vorab für eure Ratschläge.

"Processing failed" in Webinterface

16 June 2021 - 16:53

Hi guys,


using the latest OpenPLI Nighty build. Since the latest update (I guess) I get the error message "Processing failed" when I want to open the WebInterface on my computer or phone.


Does anyone know what kind of problem this is? Any chance to solve without flashing to another image version?



Question regarding problems with Streams on OpenPli

24 March 2021 - 20:33

Hello guys,

I don‘t know of this is the right section to ask about my problem.

I‘m using OpenPli on my VU Uno 4k since years and was always very happy and satisfied. In the past few days I‘ve made the experience that many channel streams in my favourite bouquet list are like blurred. You can see image artifacts every few seconds. I‘m using the newest OpenPli 8. Never had this problem before.

So I wanted to ask if this could be a problem with the Image or the Gstreamer maybe? When I use VLC on my Mac everything is working fine.

Thank you in advance!

Question regarding ICELAND and ISRAEL

14 February 2021 - 18:34

hi guys,

thanks for your fantastic job. Appreciate it :-)

Just wanted to ask if it's somehow possible to add EPG for channels from Iceland and Israel. I'm not sure but I think Iceland channels are not on any Satellite but here is a list of channels: https://en.wikipedia...sion_in_Iceland

Channels from Israel are on Amos 3.9°: https://www.lyngsat....ckages/Yes.html

Thank you!