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EPG in Favorite List

27 September 2022 - 11:54

Hi guys,


I have a strange problem since two days or so. The EPGImporter refreshs the EPG data every morning automatically which is working without any problems. But when I am in the favorite list where I can see all my bouquets (see attachement) there is a weird EPG for every bouquet. Does anyone knows how to delete it? Or how did this problem even happens? 


Thank you in advance!

Picon in Webif

1 September 2022 - 13:57

Hi guys,

unfortunately I dont see any picons on the Webinterface. I have a VU+ Uno 4k with the newest OpenPLI image. On my two other receivers (VU zero 4K) I dont see any problems with the picons.

Any suggestions how to solve this problem?

Thank you.

Strange sound problems VU+ Uno 4k

7 August 2022 - 19:02

Hi guys, 


i was on holiday in the past two weeks and didnt use my Vu UNO 4K (latest 8.2 Image). Today I turned it on and everything was except the sound. I have a strange sound problem on many channels (mostly iptv but also on some sat channels). It's like the sound stops for a half second and works again. Hard to describe actually but didnt mention this before. I also use Serviceapp (Extplayer - should i change it?) (is this app only for iptv channels)? 


I updated the image today as well to the newest version online but the problem remains. I am a bit out of ideas and dont want to flash the whole image. So maybe someone has the same problem or can give me some advices? 


Thank you so much.

7 Sat Positons but only 1 is working

2 June 2022 - 16:25


I have a VU Uno 4k with Openpli 8.1. So far everything has worked great.

Now I have the following satellite positions that I receive: 0.8 - 9 - 13 - 16 - 19.2 - 23.5 - 28.2

Now I don't understand how I have to set up the Diseq settings so that I can receive. Everything worked with the satellite dish, quality was around 80% in all positions. - I just don't understand the settings at Openpli.

If I go to "extended", I enter the individual positions, starting with Thor 0.8 - I get this satellite position, good reception. All other positions get the message "tuning failed".

Is there anyone here who knows a lot about this and could help me with this? Thanks. many times!


7 Satelliten - nur einer empfangbar?

2 June 2022 - 15:41



ich habe eine VU Uno 4k mit Openpli 8.1. Bisher funktionierte alles super.


Jetzt habe ich folgende Satellitenpositionen, die ich empfange: 0.8 - 9 - 13 - 16 - 19.2 - 23.5 - 28.2


Ich verstehe jetzt nicht, wie ich die Diseq Einstellungen einrichten muss, damit ich empfang habe. Bei der Satschüssel ging alles, Empfang war bei allen Positionen bei ca. 80%. - Ich verstehe nur nicht die Einstellungen bei Openpli.


Wenn ich auf "erweitert" gehe, gebe ich die einzelnen Positionen ein, beginnend mit Thor 0.8 - diese Sat Position bekomme ich rein, guter Empfang. Alle anderen Positionen kommt die Meldung "Tunen fehlgeschlagen".


Ist jemand hier, der sich damit gut auskennt und mir dabei helfen könnte? Danke. vielmals!