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In Topic: merge requests for PLi's git

Yesterday, 18:44

Why do we need unnecessary images? It images unnecessary?

In Topic: merge requests for PLi's git

Yesterday, 16:58

When they work together there are less forks... forks indicate that they do not work together... this is not about giving users choices.... this is more about doing more together where users can profit from...

In Topic: Joyne failliet verklaard

Yesterday, 11:46

Dit lijkt op een soort afpersing....!!! Ofwel dit is afpersing....


Als ze de abonnees overnemen.... een schoteltje draaien is nog wel OK... maar dat ze dan ook 1/2 CI mogen aanschaffen.... Deze hoort gratis te zijn of ze zetten de Conax codering er maar bij ;)


Maar M7 heeft in het verleden wel vaker gekke dingen gedaan voor haar klanten....

In Topic: merge requests for PLi's git

Yesterday, 11:42

Yes.... OpenPLi tries to remain some quality on the code.... And this means resistance.... and this means someone who is not patience will solve the issue by forking the stuff....


I remember years ago the permanent timeshift plugin. Someone tries to integrate that one into enigma2. But with a seperate cpp file as so.... we did not except that as we at least want to have that integrated and in addition I remember at that time I suggested to remove the complete timeshift code from enigma2 and arrange instead that a 'normal' recording should start that is also viewable as 'timeshift'... so a lot of code could be removed by some restructuring. 

That restructuring did never take place (timeshift works, permanent timeshift inbetween solved in a different way did not have real priority).

Due to unpatience, getting angree a commit or merge request was not excepted, years ago OpenVix was born ;)...


We had that several times... e.g. the Jess stuff. OpenATV did support it with an extreem big 'Adenin' patch which they excepted. An extreme long time we did also support it with less and streamlined code than it was before - also with a lot of help from othner teams/images, especially from the OpenViX team that time (and still some 'Adenin' code from the unicable time can be cleaned up and/or is not required). It sounds like 'elswere' they are going for "it just works" while "we" are trying to keep some Q...


Stuff get talked to death not because they are talked to death, but because there are people that cannot come to conceses. It is their way or nobodies way. An example here is the "boxbranding" stuff. Those who create the existing one for OE-A are convinced that their solution is the most optimal solution so are somehow not willing to change this resulting in the fact that it is currently a silenced never ending story.


I would "say" this is the counterpart from an opensource project being forked due to someone does not listen to comments, arguments, advices when a merge is not accepted by a 'core' team... and as reaction instead of doing some additional work (which could also be give good arguments) fork the stuff and start a 'new' project...


Most times it is a challange to work together. Enigma2 is an example of it


Regarding my 'Hotkey' frustration I had the feeling that someone did rename it to ButtonsSelection.py or something like that on purpose... to somehow 'block' cherry picking and merging... Maybe not the good idea as it also could be that that dev thought it is a 'better' name and for that reason it was renamed... 

In Topic: The new OpenPLi Release 8.0 is available for download.

Yesterday, 10:18

You have to do some manual work to fix the audio for vu+’and Kodi.