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In Topic: Extracting EPG Id's

13 June 2012 - 20:20

and there we are! I've always told you what a genius LraiZer is... I spotted this post this morning, right in the middle of helping to put a ukcvs Commando 14.6 release together. Contacted LraiZer to ask for input here, on the OpenPli board. This guy is an absolute star, believe me.

For the E1 Neutrino DM500S box, he has taken the original Weekepg plugin by MaxV4 and totally transformed it into a format that can be sucked into memory by sectionsd (sorry, you don't have that in Enigma), and gives us up to 7 Days EPG and long descriptions, direct from the 28.2E stream, with no web connection required (like the alternative RadioTimes source). We can easily configure the number of days data, the hours of LDs etc on a per channel basis as well.

Loading a 6mb EPG store into memory takes about 3 minutes and can be done on boot, or wakeup (both after a 60 second background delay), or manually via the shellexec menu or Plugin, or via a Timer each day. Extensive testing shows no memory issues, we can also shove a 7.75mb backup image into /tmp and the cam keeps going.

Thiis stream EPG load takes place in Radio Mode (with gentle background muzak, of course) so if the the user is running it manually (advisably during the ADs) then we run a kind of screenshow, with popup progress messages, one attached...

In the post above, LraiZer has hidden his lights under a bushel. I'm only trying to explain what he did to extend the original work of MaxV4 (who is fully credited, naturally)

Cheers- AL ;)

In Topic: assign quick button to "cam restart" function

30 March 2012 - 09:38

is this possible?
this is the single most desired option that I always wanted, buy none of the firmwares I have tried are able to do it. Some need less buttons to get to it, other more, but no one provides that option. Actlualy, OpenPli is the one that takes more buttons to restart.

You don't mention which box you're running, nor if it's E1 or E2. I use OpenPLi(ultra)Maxvar on DM500S. I can effectively kill CCcam with ONE button press, then restart it with ONE more press of the same button.

Would you be happy with that? If so, then take a look at my post in this recent thread:


and see how I achieve this. No promises that it will work for you, but it certainly might be worth a try!

Cheers- AL :)

In Topic: CCcam Crash after Standby (latest openPLI) !

27 March 2012 - 12:43

I don't know if this is possible in your OpenPLi image version, but in E1 OpenPLi for DM500S, I use a couple of files in /var/etc that stops CCcam when the box enters Standby mode, and starts CCcam when the box is woken up. Both files need to be chmod 755 permissions, or this will not work.

this contains one single line only:
killall -9 CCcam


again, one single line:

I know this isn't addressing your underlying problem, but it seems daft to have a softcam working away when the box is asleep. Plus, when the box is woken up, the cam starts afresh. Might be worth a try, to see if the same routine works in your image version.

Cheers- AL :)

In Topic: Which HD skin supports plicons

20 March 2012 - 13:11

Picons are matched on service reference, not on name. And the orbital position is part of the service reference.

That is also what I assumed. So it is still a mystery why picons are not working on my VU Uno.

I'll help if I can, but I'm on OpenPLi E1 for DM500S. In Menu > System Settings > User Interface settings > OSD Settings - I see an option Show plicons

I'd be surprised if a similar option did not exist in PLi E2 images. So see if you can find this then make sure this option is ticked.

Cheers- AL :)

In Topic: xtrend 3D picon

4 March 2012 - 11:09

Why not use a proper 3D Plicon for Sky Sports F1 ???

Cheers- AL ;)