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DVB-C tuner unable to find/scan cable channels

18 August 2020 - 20:08

STB: Gigablue UE UHD 4K


Image: OpenPLI 7.3


Tuner: NIM TT2L10 DVB-C/T combi tuner



I just got this STB yesterday, the SAT channels are working fine.


I cannot get the cable channels to scan/find any channels.  I have tried cable scan, auto scan, and manual scan with known valid channel settings/info from my area and It will not find/tune any cable channels.  I've tried Brute force, network ID and every available option in the DVB-C scanning menu.


I have tried every image available for this STB, with the same results; the DVB-C/T tuner is not finding any channels.  I know this is not an OpenPLI problem, I'm just asking for some advice.  I think it is probably a rookie/stupid mistake I'm making.


Please note: My Xtrend ET-10000 tunes all cable channels with no problems( I reconnected the Xtrend 3 times to verify this...no problems), so the cabling and/or connectors are ruled out.


Are there specific settings I should use to get the DVB-C/T tuner to scan/tune cable channels?