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In Topic: streamlinkserver Plug-in available.

27 July 2020 - 17:39

Is this plugin still working :-




? It used to work with openpli. Regards, pcd


In Topic: KodiLite Version 5.0

1 April 2020 - 16:54

Updated to divide list as A-Z. :)

In Topic: KodiLite Version 5.0

28 March 2020 - 16:32



Hello Friends,


New and updated addons (attached) :-


plugin.video.motherless-1.0.2​ - Adult 18+

plugin.video.pornbimbo-1.0.2​ - Adult 18+

plugin.video.pornheed-1.0.2​ - Adult 18+

plugin.video.stripvidz-1.0.1​ - Adult 18+​

​​plugin.video.tubeshemales-1.0.4​​ - Adult 18+​


@zigzag - site justporno does not work now.


Regards, pcd.

In Topic: YouTube not work in latest firmwares...

10 March 2020 - 23:06

Nothing is blocking youtube - it seems. I was watching it today (KodiLite version using youtube_dl) on my VU+ UNO 4K. Regards.

In Topic: Plugin WebMedia 17

6 March 2020 - 17:43



What was the error ? Any log ? Which box and image are  you using ?


Re. legality  - I am not a legal expert. The items are suggested by users - I just do the streaming plugins. I check that the sites are publicly available with no passwords etc. Also that any adult sites do not include children or animals. Of course I cannot check every videos.

Many of the contents in WebMedia (if not most) are from youtube or youtube_dl - so I assume they are licensed for streaming.


Finally, as many long term officials in this forum would know - this is just a hobby for me (for almost 15 years now !). I do not ask for any financial contributions from the users.


If you can point out anything illegal - I will be very happy to remove the items. Regards, pcd.