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In Topic: Bricked Box -Vu Duo - Please help if you can!

28 April 2012 - 22:21

Well, this was funny news :) Gonna check my bricked one tomorrow. Guess I've got a suitable capicaor lying around here somewere.

In Topic: Bricked Box -Vu Duo - Please help if you can!

16 January 2012 - 23:56

I don't get it either, but electronics are not long lasting here. Could be because we're using IT-system on powergrid and you're having TN or TT,but again that shouldn't have any affect when I'm just cutting power.

Anyway, ups, new box, and old one on the bench with broken (or at least locked) mb. Have been searching a bit around and have heard about NAND-flashing (directly) If anybody has any good links I would be most thankful. (Bought this box to have something to play with. Never thought it would be soldering wires into it)

In Topic: Bricked Box -Vu Duo - Please help if you can!

16 January 2012 - 23:12

Actually... See this:
http://openpli.org/f...you-must-flash/ :-)

Which points to this (bootloader update):

Yeah.. but if you check out my first post on this topic, new bootloader was flashed along with new image and working for a couple of days before meltdown.
There is no reaction from the mainboard whatsoever. Just red led in display

Talked to the seller today, and his opinion is that I didn't turn of box with switch before cutting and switching on power again (I cut and reset the fuse), and that he have had similar cases earlier. Don't see how though.. PS is okay since I've checked all voltages out of it.

A UPS is gonna be installed asap.

In Topic: Bricked Box -Vu Duo - Please help if you can!

15 January 2012 - 19:41

if the serial console does nothing then there's no other option than to get it back to distributor in order to get it fixed.

Yeah, I'll call the dealer this week and see if can help me, but considering the prices, I'm not sure if it's worth repairing at the shop.

In Topic: Bricked Box -Vu Duo - Please help if you can!

14 January 2012 - 16:10

Btw this bootloader updated was released long back end October

That indeed is correct, but as hardly anybody needed it by then, my guess is that most bootloaders were only updated when people started to use the 3.1.1 kernel images.

Same as me. Used a stable PLi from last summer before utdating now in january (U know.. WAF combined with busy days)

then is it the image ? What image you got on it or last had

Allways been using PLi, but as SatKiekerd wrote, I can't blame the crash on PLi. Only found some minor bugs. Other problems been HW related, like startup-problem while using a 16 GB USB for PTS.

Anybody knows if cutting the power without shutting down first could cause drivers or bootloader to be corrupted? (Like MS Win :P) If so, I'm buying a ups for my next box.