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Yesterday, 17:31

I know it's all a bit crazy because of 'devlop' here and 'master' there, but I think that's exactly the problem in 7.3 right now.

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Yesterday, 17:25

Readme develop


Readme master


In the develop PP has adjusted the 'api' things regarding OpenVision.
Therefore it doesn't work for other images.
That's why he changed OpenpliCore develop via pullrequest

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Yesterday, 16:04



default branch is the "develop" and I think that the 'master' branch should be fixed for pli.


as already happened in develop


In Topic: Edision MIO4k+ USB Tuner Issue in Develop Branch

29 September 2020 - 11:27



I also think that busybox-mdev has to be reactivated to manage the virtual devices.
So it seems in the OE Alliance Branch 4.4.

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28 September 2020 - 21:51

Das passiert auch mit dem pli Skin?