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Buyukbang Panel Joins E2OpenPlugins :)

27 November 2018 - 15:10

Hello guys,


I couldn't find an opportunity to develop my Buyukbang Panel plugin lately, since I had some busy days in my life and the latest version is still working perfectly on latest E2 versions. I decided to share source codes and upload it to E2OpenPlugins.  Sorry I know this is really a late decision, but I assure you to I couldn't even find a time to fix my my unreleased broken codes. Now all fine, up and working, ready to be upload ed E2OpenPlugins git repository  ;)  I hope with it will attract communities interest, it will be developed further. I will also try to contribute more for it!


Now, the question is can anyone help me to create a repository named "e2openplugin-BuyukbangPanel" under github.com/E2OpenPlugins so I can upload Buyukbang Panel.  :P