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18 November 2021 - 10:13

My quickhack based on the NimManager.py from the 7.3 branch.


I´ve only inserted a comment in the line 954. Now no tunerslots were removed. With this comment I can now choose als tuners (A-H)  inside the FBC tuners for the connectedto field in the config GUI.

I think that is not a right solution for all tuner modells, it is only a quickhack that works for me. I don´t understand the complete condition in the if statement. So the complete solution needs other code changes I think, but I´m not sure.

  def canConnectTo(self, slotid):
                slots = []
                if self.nim_slots[slotid].internallyConnectableTo() is not None:
                for type in self.nim_slots[slotid].connectableTo():
                        for slot in self.getNimListOfType(type, exception = slotid):
                                if slot not in slots and (self.hasOutputs(slot) or self.nim_slots[slotid].isFBCRoot()):
                # remove nims, that have a conntectedTo reference on
                for testnim in slots[:]:
                        for nim in self.getNimListOfType("DVB-S", slotid):
                                nimConfig = self.getNimConfig(nim)
                                if not(self.nim_slots[testnim].isFBCRoot() and slotid >> 3 == testnim >> 3) and (self.nim_slots[nim].isFBCLink() or "configMode" in NimConfig.content.items and nimConfig.configMode.value == "loopthrough" and int(nimConfig.connectedTo.value) == testnim):
                                        # slots.remove(testnim)

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16 November 2021 - 08:39

I can´t do tests with 8.1 oder develop in the near future because all boxes are busy with recordings of my family. I don´t have big maintance slots for those tests.


Sorry for that.

In Topic: Unicable

16 November 2021 - 07:57


That means, the tuner chains may work correctly without the fix and the fix in enigma is necessary for  using tuner B-H are all connectec to A? 

Is that right?

Since my quickhack in NimManager.py and config change  to a tuner chain one week ago I haven´t seen any interrupts. With my openpli 7.3 I don´t have the enigma fix, I think.

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16 November 2021 - 06:44

Let me ask you a question, if you had a unicable device for 19.2 in socket/physical tuner A, i.e top one. You also had another unicable device pointing to 28.2 socket/physical tuner B, i.e bottom one. How would you assign 4 tuners for 19.2 and 4 for 28.2 in the VTI/daisy chaining implementation?





Then vti use twei daiy´sy chain. For example. Connecte Tuner C to A, D to C, E to D and F to B, G to F, G to H.  The main difference to the PLI config is, every tuner has only one tuner, which is connect to it and not more than one as it is in pli konfig. Maybe there ist a bug inside the vu driver for a bugfree support of more than one tuner is connected to A or B because vti only uses chains.

In Topic: Unicable

15 November 2021 - 13:08

you mean you have picture interrupts with a legacy setup on a DUO4k? 

I haven´t seen that with my legacy setup over many month ago during recording movies. Do you have than only on your DUO4k?