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In Topic: Move recordings from intern to ext HDD?

8 October 2019 - 07:27

SMR often works ok if you only makes recordings without any other operation like copy or cutting movies on the same HDD. If you make copies of movies or cutting movies in parallel to recording then some recordings may have some interrupts, With CMR HDD also that works fine without problems.

In Topic: Move recordings from intern to ext HDD?

7 October 2019 - 15:08

Is your new 4TB HDD an 3,5 inch or 2,5 inch drive. If it is an 2,5 inch drive I think than it uses SMR instead of classic CMR recording methode. SMR is not very useful for a workling HDD inside a PVR with FBC tuner for many parallel recordings. If it is an 3,5 inch drive than you must check the drive name exactly to find out if this drive uses also SMR instead of CMR. Many 3,5 inch drives with 4TB use CMR but some from seagate uses SMR.


If it is SMR than a better idea is to use vour older 3TB inside the new ultimo 4k for recordings and use the new external one only as an external archive drive for movies.


You can copy the files via normal linux commands via telnet/ssh,  after you connect the box to an USB connector and initialize it with the openpli GUI

In Topic: Hilfe bei der Suche nach einem neuen Receiver.

25 September 2019 - 16:00

Ich bin mit meiner uno4kse mit FBC Tuner auch sehr zufrieden, selbst an zwei klassischen Kabeln am Multiswitch. Die Einschränkungen gegenüebr unciable bei deutschen Sendern ist recht gering. Wenn man allerdings  nur ein Kabel hat, sollte man auf unicable umstellen, um flexibler zu sein. Entweder ein unicable LNB oder einen unicable Switch. Je nach Bedarf


Ins Rennen kann man sicherlich auch noch doch die Gigablue UE4k werfen, die auch gut ausgestattet ist. 

Wie gut die Treiber sind, kann ich allerdings nicht sagen

In Topic: Multi PCM only for AC3+ audio

11 September 2019 - 08:10

Are there any plans to implement the above feature into the audio setuo menu like?


AC3 downmix on/off

AC3+ downmix on/off (new)

AC3 to PCM on/off

AC3+ to PCM on/off (new)

In Topic: Lunix3 4K with 7.1 does not read nagra cards

26 August 2019 - 15:00

I´m a little bit confused. From my knowledge if a user will use a card insaide the Ci modul, then there is no need for a softcam like oscam or cccam. Isn´t it?