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OpenPLI 7.2 streaming in standby mode problem

27 February 2020 - 15:19



I try to use niece feature from OpenPLI - Fallback tuner. Streaming works fine, even for 4K. I have Vu+ ultimo 4K as a streamer, and Vu+ Uno 4K as receiver. Ultimo have 2 tuners, and I can see two different channels, but why streaming stops, when I put my Ultimo 4k to standby (I am not using deep standby). when I check my network, I still see stream is still there, but on TV i see black picture. when I return my ultimo 4K back from standby, I see a picture immediately.


This behavior I see only for DVB-S. I also have DVB-T in my ultimo. And streaming from DVB-T works perfect. Seems something happens with LNB on standby. any help? maybe I need to change some settings?