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How to show all simular programs in GMEPG?

27 March 2018 - 17:43

Hi everybody,
I have used OpenPLi for many years in my two VU+ boxes. For years, I have always install Cool TV Guide after a fresh
installation, because I like all the features this plugin offers. But I have read in several places here in this forum
that many recommend the built-in GMEPG as an alternative to Cool TV Guide, therefore I thought I was testing it now.
I've configured everything I want, but it's one feature that I don't find as I often use in Cool TV Guide.
In Cool TV Guide this feature is called "CoolSearch". 
For those who don't know what this feature does:
I can choose "CoolSearch" on any program i want, and then a list of all programs with the same name in my EPG data
is listed. Then I can choose to record any of these programs from the list. This feature is invaluable for programs/series
showing odd days/times, for example.
My question is, where do I find this feature in the built-in GMEPG?
Please, don't say this feature is missing...  :-(
Thanks in advance.

Can't install AspectRatioSwitch in OpenPLi V6.0

8 September 2017 - 20:40

Does anyone know why it's not possible to install the plugin AspectRatioSwitch in OpenPLi V6.0 after a fresh install?

See the attached screenshot. What am I doing wrong?


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