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In Topic: Audiosync Problem

15 March 2020 - 13:31

Regarding lipsync: I wasn't able to change it (normal setting, no additional plugin) on a HiSilicon based box. Tested on a Broadcom based and lipsync worked. However I discover that it was depended on audio format (codec). I think that also on the Broadcom box it was problem sometimes (I'm not sure about this). Unfortunatly I didn't write down my findings, so I cannot provide details. SF8008 is HiSilicon based and maybe all boxes based on HiSilicon have the same problem?

In Topic: Flash Maxytec Multibox 4K

23 December 2019 - 15:19

Thanks all for important information. However I don't understand how a normal user can get to know all this, especially without knowing that it is something very special with this box. I will see if I can sum it up (later).

I now learned the important: Use recovery (=multiboot) system in this box.

However one thing I'm not clear with, what is "the normal flash online software"?

PS. Is it any company relationship between Technicolour, Zgemma and Maxytec (or only use one and the same software)?

In Topic: Flash Maxytec Multibox 4K

22 December 2019 - 20:51

Okay, but how about flash only OpenPLi image (remove recovery). Is that possible, or will it destroy something?

PS. Just wonder, maybe best to keep recovery system.

In Topic: Flash Maxytec Multibox 4K

22 December 2019 - 18:33

I'm little confused, but...

If I with the poweron-reset-usb-flash routine flash the recovery. I will have a multiboot functionality and a bootmenu. How can I reach the bootmenu? In it I suppose I can select what to boot and also flash the different systems.

If I with the poweron-reset-usb-flash routine flash the OpenPLi emmc image. The box will have only OpenPLi. Is this possible, or most the recovery/bootmenu be in the box?

Is it possible to go back from this, by flash recovery? Will Android still be in it?

PS. I will for now, only want to run OpenPLi.

In Topic: Best SatReceiver?

22 August 2019 - 20:28

Works with oscam.

The fact you say it works fine means you haven't reached this point yet. ;)

Well that is possible to calculate, or test in real life. Maybe some day I will test more. Record 10 channels at the same time, without any packet lost - is possble, since I have done it. However I didn't do this for so long time. Maybe only a few minutes, I don't remember now. Maybe if I would like to have 'fun' a day, I can record an hour or so. ...sorry, maybe this will never happen. Oh yes, I really checked the recording files and continuty counter of the ts packets.