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Image problem. Help, please!

2 February 2021 - 20:16

Hi, see if someone can help me.

I have a "Mutant HD60" and I have an image problem with any software higher than "OpenPli 7.0 release 20190617_emmc".

The error is appreciated when I watch any football game. From time to time there are blackouts. They are like ups and downs of light intensity.

Could someone who has this decoder please try this software with a football game and see it with their own eyes? I would love to see a fix for this error so that I can upgrade to newer firmware. I leave the attached signature in case someone can prove it. I would thank that very much. Thank you.

A greeting.

Error after installing skin

30 June 2020 - 00:57

I have left the crash log for you to see.  a greeting