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In Topic: Play Audio CD on Hisilicon chip Zgemma H9 Combo

15 January 2020 - 16:36

I doubt that, since the cd mounts fine.


Our servicemp3 supports the cda format (https://github.com/O...icemp3.cpp#L562) through gsteamer, servicehisilicon doesn't.

That looks interesting. Can I modify the enigma2 scripts to invoke the servicemp3 script instead of the servicehisilicon script in case of a .cda uri?


In Topic: Play Audio CD on Hisilicon chip Zgemma H9 Combo

15 January 2020 - 16:25

I took the gstreamer support from the openatv image for the h9 combo. So I had the gstreamer stuff on the machine for testing. But its just for testing because I would like to stick with the simpler OpenPli installation. So it just demonstrates that it is not a kernel or mount problem. It seems to be a servicehisilicon problem.

Now can I change the enigma2 scripts so that playing a cda file will no longer invoke servicehisilicon but some other software that plays an audio track using a cda file?


In Topic: Creating image for zgemma h9combo

11 December 2019 - 19:08

Sorry fo the last post. I had a spelling error .... My fault.

In Topic: Advice needed on buying a receiver

16 November 2019 - 20:03

Thanks to all for the help.

I decided to buy a zgemma H9 combo and got it this week.

So far a good experience:

In addition to the stuff advertised there were also cables and screws for mounting an internal 2.5" SATA3 disk

in the box (which I did today, but one thing at a time...)

The thing looked new. it had the protecting plastic wrap still on it. I connected it to my tv and a T2 antenna and

started it. I had expected the setup dialog as described in the setup leaflet. Instead it booted right into OpenATV 6.2 showing tv.

-but did not succeed because there were some cable channels listed and I do not have cable.

I suspect that the box was started before. So I searched a while in the menus (a bit confusing) and found the

reset to factory default item. I picked it, it restarted and I got the setup dialog I had expected before.

Next I wanted to make a backup un an USB Stick. There was a menu item for it.

I prepared the stick and put it in the box, but the system continued to complain that I can not find it.

I googled and found that you can access the box using telnet over the network.

I did, and could log on to the system as root without a password.

This is a big security problem!!!

I could mount the stick and then make the backup.


In the long run, I want to have OpenPLi on it.

As I understand I have to flash a recovery image first and then the normal image from the menu.

If this is of interest, I can report later.