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Play Audio CD on Hisilicon chip Zgemma H9 Combo

14 January 2020 - 18:26

Hi I have a problem playing audi CD' on my zgemma H9 combo.

The CD is recognized and the correct playlist file in /media/audiocd/ is created.

But selecting a track from the playlist and pressing OK I just get a "format not supported" error.


I can play the cd using for examle

gst-launch-1.0 cdiocddasrc track=5 ! audioconvert ! audioresample ! alsasink

so the CD is OK and a working software is there,

Running enigma2 in debugging mode, it says

... playing 4097:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:/media/audiocd/track-02.cda
10:28:21.9231 ../servicehisilicon.cpp:709 eServiceHisilicon [eServiceHisilicon] construct!
10:28:21.9232 ../servicehisilicon.cpp:755 eServiceHisilicon [eServiceHisilicon] uri=/media/audiocd/track-02.cda
10:28:21.9424 ../servicehisilicon.cpp:532 netlink_event [eServiceHisilicon] error 6

It seems like the playing request uri=/media/audiocd/track-02.cda is correctly passed to servicehisilicon.cpp

and there, it is unable to play a cda file.

Is there a way to redirect the playing request to something like the gst-launch line above?

Can I install any other player plugin that would take precedence over the servicehisilicon application?


Any help is appreciated


Creating image for zgemma h9combo

11 December 2019 - 19:02


I recently bought a zgemma h9combo. I downloaded an openpli 7.2 image and it runns great. Now I try to make my own image. The wiki just says run

MACHINE=xxxxx make image

for xxxxx I can use h9 but not h9combo

Can I use the image made for h9 also for a h9combo?

If not where do I get the right configuration files?

Or how do I need to modify the configuration files for h9 to support h9combo?

- Martin

Advice needed on buying a receiver

24 October 2019 - 13:48


I searched for a simple Linux Based TV receiver and found OpenPLi as a Software that looks like the thing I need.

Now I need to buy a receiver that can run it.


I do have a cables to a SAT dish pointing to ASTRA and a T2 Antenna. I want to use both, because on T2 I get some Channels from Austria that I do not get from ASTRA.

I use LInux in my work, so configuration, updating etc, should be no problem, but I do not want to fiddle arround with hardware that is not supported by the software.

I have a LAN connection to the new receiver and want to watch TV occasionally over the network on a tablet or pc in case our TV room is used otherwise.


Here are my questions:

Do I need an S2X receiver or is an S2 receiver as good?

Do I need to spend significantly more than 100 Euro to get a good receiver?

Are there any recomendations for receivers that are fast, well supported and cost below or arround 100Euro?


Thanks for your support.