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Today upgrade make my STB not working

16 December 2012 - 14:02

Hi guys.

This morning I've made an "opkg update ; opkg upgrade" in my Clarke Teck 9100
Last upgrade was done by me about 1 month ago.
Since 10 minutes before upgrade, my CT was working very fine.

After upgrading (involving new kernel a new E2 image) and rebooting, my system was broken.


1) I've a DTT USB stick Avermedia A867
USB stick is found by kernel and module is correctly loaded


AVerMedia A867 driver module V1.0.27 loaded.
dvb-usb: found a 'AVerMedia A867 DVB-T Recevier' in warm state.
dvb-usb: will pass the complete MPEG2 transport stream to the software demuxer.
DVB: registering new adapter (AVerMedia A867 DVB-T Recevier)
DVB: registering adapter 0 frontend 0 (A867 USB DVB-T)...
dvb-usb: AVerMedia A867 DVB-T Recevier successfully initialized and connected.
usbcore: registered new interface driver dvb-usb-a867


Module Size Used by
ntfs 117802 0
ipv6 351430 12
dvb 4874979 7
modloader2 32661 1 dvb
modloader 22281 0
tpm 6509 3 dvb,modloader2,modloader
dvb_usb_a867 210137 0
dvb_usb 18026 1 dvb_usb_a867

but in Enigma2 there is no the third tuner DTT. It's disappeared !

2) embedded DVB-S2 tuner are found by kernel

DVB: registering new adapter (dvb0)
DVB: registering adapter 1 frontend 0 (DVB-S2)...
DVB: registering adapter 1 frontend 1 (DVB-S2)...

and into E2 they are configured correctly but OSD say to me:

Service unavailable!
Check tuner configuration!

for all channels.

3) there is a minor error in one plugin:

root@et9x00:~# opkg update
Package enigma2-plugin-systemplugins-autobouquetsmaker version git194+b8c7e01-r25 has no valid architecture, ignoring.

E2 crash mounting NTFS USB disk (since kernel 3.3.x)

5 May 2012 - 15:31

Hi guys.

I've some USB 500GB 2.5" external HDD full of MKV video.
Till one month ago I had no problem: I connect them to frontal USB and they works fine. Kernel 3.2.x

For last month I've not used any external USB HDD.
Some days ago I've upgraded my CT9100 to Kernel 3.3.x and yesterday evening I've done another upgrade session, so my CT9100 is freshly updated.
This afternoon I connect an USB disk and E2 crash....

1) I connect USB disk and, after 10-15 sec. , screen show spinner and E2 is crashed (no response from remote control)

Connecting with SSH to CT9100 I see:

2) disk looks to be mounted correctly
root@et9x00:~# mount
rootfs on / type rootfs (rw)
ubi0:rootfs on / type ubifs (rw,relatime)
proc on /proc type proc (rw,relatime)
sysfs on /sys type sysfs (rw,relatime)
tmpfs on /media type tmpfs (rw,relatime,size=64k)
tmpfs on /dev type tmpfs (rw,relatime,size=64k,mode=755)
devpts on /dev/pts type devpts (rw,relatime,mode=600)
/dev/sda1 on /media/usb type ext4 (rw,relatime,barrier=1)
/dev/sdb1 on /media/hdd type ext4 (rw,relatime,barrier=1,data=ordered)
usbfs on /proc/bus/usb type usbfs (rw,relatime)
tmpfs on /var/volatile type tmpfs (rw,relatime)
/dev/sdc1 on /media/sdc1 type fuseblk (rw,nosuid,nodev,relatime,user_id=0,group_id=0,allow_other,blksize=4096)

3) dmesg looks fine, no problem
usb 2-1.1: new high-speed USB device number 4 using ehci-brcm
scsi3 : usb-storage 2-1.1:1.0
scsi 3:0:0:0: Direct-Access Packard Bell Go PQ: 0 ANSI: 2 CCS
sd 3:0:0:0: [sdc] 976773120 512-byte logical blocks: (500 GB/465 GiB)
sd 3:0:0:0: [sdc] Write Protect is off
sd 3:0:0:0: [sdc] Mode Sense: 28 00 00 00
sd 3:0:0:0: [sdc] No Caching mode page present
sd 3:0:0:0: [sdc] Assuming drive cache: write through
sd 3:0:0:0: Attached scsi generic sg2 type 0
sd 3:0:0:0: [sdc] No Caching mode page present
sd 3:0:0:0: [sdc] Assuming drive cache: write through
sdc: sdc1
sd 3:0:0:0: [sdc] No Caching mode page present
sd 3:0:0:0: [sdc] Assuming drive cache: write through
sd 3:0:0:0: [sdc] Attached SCSI disk

4) there is a process (sleep state) involving ntfs
500 root 3156 S mount.ntfs-3g /dev/sdc1 /media/sdc1

5) If I try
root@et9x00:~# ls /media/sdc1
nothing happen: 'ls' command is freezed as it cannot access to disk.

I must remove USB disk connector and poweroff-on my STB

I've tried 3 different HDD model without any success, all with NTFS format.
In my Kubuntu system and in my Win7 system they work great without problem.

Something strange happen with upgrade to kernel 3.3.x (from 3.2.x)....

Audio pid from another channel ?

9 April 2012 - 07:57

Hi folks !

Probably the answer is NOT but ....

Suppose I've two different channels transmitted
It's possible to watch video pid of channel "A" and have audio from channel "B" as a real-time mix ?

Example: yesterday I want to see MotoGP Qatar race. In Italy there is not a full-HD feed: only SD (bleah !)
I've found a foreign channel with superb full-hd image but comment is not in italian language.
So the idea is to watch foreign channel in full-hd (i.e. tuned on TUNER A) but listen audio from italian channel (i.e. tuned on TUNER B )
Is it possible ?

Today upgrade: strange warnings

15 January 2012 - 08:34

This morning I've made an "opkg update" and "opkg upgrade" (last was made by me about 10 days ago).

I see some strange messages: I don't know if they are fake warnings or are important.
I don't remember to see them in the past....


Downloading http://downloads.pli...5.5_et9x00.ipk.
task-base-kernel26: unsatisfied recommendation for kernel-module-nls-utf8
task-base-kernel26: unsatisfied recommendation for kernel-module-input
task-base-kernel26: unsatisfied recommendation for kernel-module-uinput
task-base-kernel26: unsatisfied recommendation for kernel-module-rtc-dev
task-base-kernel26: unsatisfied recommendation for kernel-module-rtc-proc
task-base-kernel26: unsatisfied recommendation for kernel-module-rtc-sysfs
task-base-kernel26: unsatisfied recommendation for kernel-module-rtc-sa1100
task-base-kernel26: unsatisfied recommendation for kernel-module-unix
Upgrading enigma2-plugin-systemplugins-hotplug on root from 2.7+git9309+af2087c-r29 to 2.7+git9338+56de2b9-r29...


Downloading http://downloads.pli...5.5_et9x00.ipk.
task-base-wifi: unsatisfied recommendation for kernel-module-ieee80211-crypt
task-base-wifi: unsatisfied recommendation for kernel-module-ieee80211-crypt-ccmp
task-base-wifi: unsatisfied recommendation for kernel-module-ieee80211-crypt-tkip
task-base-wifi: unsatisfied recommendation for kernel-module-ieee80211-crypt-wep
task-base-wifi: unsatisfied recommendation for kernel-module-ecb
task-base-wifi: unsatisfied recommendation for kernel-module-arc4
task-base-wifi: unsatisfied recommendation for kernel-module-crypto_algapi
task-base-wifi: unsatisfied recommendation for kernel-module-cryptomgr
task-base-wifi: unsatisfied recommendation for kernel-module-aes
Upgrading enigma2-plugin-extensions-cutlisteditor on root from 2.7+git9309+af2087c-r29 to 2.7+git9338+56de2b9-r29...


Downloading http://downloads.pli...5.5_et9x00.ipk.
task-base-usbhost: unsatisfied recommendation for kernel-module-uhci-hcd
task-base-usbhost: unsatisfied recommendation for kernel-module-ohci-hcd
task-base-usbhost: unsatisfied recommendation for kernel-module-ehci-hcd
task-base-usbhost: unsatisfied recommendation for kernel-module-usbcore
task-base-usbhost: unsatisfied recommendation for kernel-module-usbhid
task-base-usbhost: unsatisfied recommendation for kernel-module-usbnet
task-base-usbhost: unsatisfied recommendation for kernel-module-sd-mod
task-base-usbhost: unsatisfied recommendation for kernel-module-scsi-mod
task-base-usbhost: unsatisfied recommendation for kernel-module-usbmouse
task-base-usbhost: unsatisfied recommendation for kernel-module-mousedev
task-base-usbhost: unsatisfied recommendation for kernel-module-usb-storage
task-base-usbhost: unsatisfied recommendation for kernel-module-asix
task-base-usbhost: unsatisfied recommendation for kernel-module-pegasus
Upgrading libdvdnav on root from to 4.2.0-r0...


Downloading http://downloads.pli...r29_et9x00.ipk.
Configuring kernel-image-3.1.0.
Erasing 128 Kibyte @ 1e0000 -- 31 % complete. Cleanmarker written at 1c0000.
flash_eraseall: /dev/mtd1: MTD writeoob failure: Invalid argument
Erasing 128 Kibyte @ 2a0000 -- 43 % complete. Cleanmarker written at 280000.
flash_eraseall: /dev/mtd1: MTD writeoob failure: Invalid argument
Erasing 128 Kibyte @ 600000 -- 100 % complete.Cleanmarker written at 5e0000.
Writing data to block 0 at offset 0x0
Writing data to block 1 at offset 0x20000
Writing data to block 2 at offset 0x40000
Writing data to block 3 at offset 0x60000

DVB-T : New driver RTL2832

2 January 2012 - 18:00

Added VID/PID for Leadtek USB DVB-T stick 0x0413 0x6A03

(thanks to djnice)