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In Topic: Octagon SF8008 OpenPli Support

19 February 2020 - 20:45

We can't change octagon-blindscan binary. Vendor has to do it, if needed.

We can only change plugin.py.



By the way: I did a blindscan (no parameters changed) with original blindscan binary and as far as I can see it works. See attached screenshot. Or did I do something "wrong"?


All users where blindscan is not working. Which box do you use? All the sf8008 twin or solo or combo?

In Topic: Octagon SF8008 OpenPli Support

19 February 2020 - 19:56

@WanWizard -  please don't forget about Blindscan for SR <1000 and showing the signal before "LOCK" about which I wrote above.
If you do this - it will be a real hit this year !!!.

Does it work in other images?
If yes, we can maybe fix it.... when we have time.

In Topic: Zgemma H5.2S Software Problem

14 February 2020 - 10:50

Try to update again. It might be that not all packages were updated during last update.

In Topic: Mut@nt HD 60 4K WOD funktioniert nicht.

13 February 2020 - 17:02

Ggf mal versuchen die ServiceApp zu installieren und dann die Optionen durchprobieren.

In Topic: Update rootfs on Vu+ Solo 4K

31 January 2020 - 21:18

bp3.bin is used on duo4k. Don’t think on other boxes, but don’t know exactly.
Nevertheless errors are visible when EMMC flash is read. Don’t think that can be fixed.