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In Topic: BackupSuite

16 September 2019 - 17:52

@Persion Prince: In latest busybox "ls -e" is not supported any longer. It was removed by busybox developers: https://github.com/m...85b31f515ca670b

Can you rewrite the plugin so that -e is not used?

In Topic: BackupSuite

16 September 2019 - 17:17

@foxbob: Sorry, it was too early this morning.


Please report problems with thud in other (own) thread. Most likely these problems have nothing really to do with the plugin. I guess something has changed in busybox which now makes the problems.

In Topic: hohe Prozessorlast bei Bau aus dem develop Branch

16 September 2019 - 06:56

Welche Box verwendest du?
Tritt es auch auf, wenn du keine Einstellungen übernimmst und keine Plugins installierst?
Tritt das nur einmal nach dem Starten auf oder jedes Mal, wenn du das Menü öffnest?
3 Wochen, kannst du das genauer sagen? Von welchem Tag stammt der Branch?

In Topic: BackupSuite

16 September 2019 - 06:13

Don’t use thud branch! It’s work in progress.
And if you really want to use it, you should know how to fix it (just look into develop branch ;) )

In Topic: Recoding when programme changed time/rescheduled

11 September 2019 - 17:11

You can look into VPS plugin source code. I guess it uses PDC data, but I don't know that exactly. At least VPS was a signal in the analog transmission. So this is not available anymore.


Using now/next informations for timers is not implemented yet like WanWizard already said.

And yes, afaik the now/next informations are used to create the markers in the recordings.