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#1323771 Dauerspinner bei Aufruf großer Datenbank

Posted by betacentauri on 26 February 2021 - 17:48

p7zip ist meine ich nicht drin. Brauchst du das wirklich? Du musst doch nur ein vorhandenes Zip entpacken und das kannst du mit unzip. Bzw. wie sind die Treiber überhaupt gepackt?


Bzw. Security Board müßte das hier helfen:


Also lsusb nach dead:beef durchsuchen. Ist es da, funktioniert wohl das Sec Board. Wenn nicht, dann nicht.

#1319031 OpenPli 8.0 Gigablue UHD Quad 4k und DVD-Player

Posted by betacentauri on 12 February 2021 - 18:26

Vielleicht bekommt das Laufwerk nicht genügend Strom von der Box.

#1296730 Release OpenPLi 8.0 is beschikbaar in de downloadsectie.

Posted by betacentauri on 2 January 2021 - 21:39


w.b.t. ET7x00 ( 7100 v2 ) : NOK handmatig, NOK via menu ( Flash Image )


<- Error: Kernel file is bigger than device size!!



cd /media/usb
wget http://downloads.openpli.org/builds/et7x00/openpli-8.0-release-et7x00-20201231_usb.zip
unzip openpli-8.0-release-et7x00-20201231_usb.zip
ofgwrite -k -r /media/usb/et7x00/ -f :
root@et7x00:/media/usb/et7x00# ofgwrite -k -r /media/usb/et7x00/ -f
mkdir: can't create directory '/newroot': File exists

ofgwrite Utility v4.5.6
Author: Betacentauri
Based upon: mtd-utils-native-1.5.1 and busybox 1.24.1
Use at your own risk! Make always a backup before use!
Don't use it if you use multiple ubi volumes in ubi layer!

Flashing kernel
Flashing rootfs
Searching image files in /media/usb/et7x00/ resolved to /media/usb/et7x00
Found rootfs file: /media/usb/et7x00/rootfs.bin
Found kernel file: /media/usb/et7x00/kernel.bin
Found UBIFS rootfs
Found mounted /newroot
Found mounted /newroot
Found mounted /newroot
Found mountpoint for rootfs file: /media/usb

Found /proc/mtd entries:
Device:   Size:     Erasesize:  Name:                   Image:
mtd0:     10000000  00020000    "complete"
mtd1:     00800000  00020000    "kernel"            <-  Error: Kernel file is bigger than device size!!
mtd2:     0f100000  00020000    "rootfs"            ->  /media/usb/et7x00/rootfs.bin
Using kernel mtd device: /dev/mtd1
Using rootfs mtd device: /dev/mtd2
Read /proc/cmdline
Current rootfs is: ubi0:rootfs
Current kernel is:
Current root sub dir is:

Execute: fdisk -l
Error: Cannot flash kernel, because no kernel device was found

We found the problem. I hope it is solved in a few days.


Google translate:

We hebben het probleem gevonden. Ik hoop dat het binnen een paar dagen is opgelost.

#1290026 EMC and PLi

Posted by betacentauri on 23 December 2020 - 23:04

I guess you have installed EMC. And this causes the trouble:
(Not sure whether we build plugin from this repo)

#1286314 One proc file for detecting the MACHINE in all enigma2 images.

Posted by betacentauri on 14 December 2020 - 23:57

Please don’t spend 1000 post regarding a name. Yes, it shouldn’t be a complete nonsense name, but eg
/proc/enigma2 or /proc/firmware or /proc/e2branding or something like this is ok. We can collect all possible names and can later vote for it.

The name is not enough. We still need to speak about the needed informations and what exactly the API should return. Only one example box name. Should it return hd51 or mutant51? If both are needed how do we call the proc files and so on.
There is still much to do.

#1285866 Memory leak in MovieList.py

Posted by betacentauri on 14 December 2020 - 12:59

Should be fixed with this commit:


#1285050 Memory leak in MovieList.py

Posted by betacentauri on 12 December 2020 - 14:49

I made a little change in MovieList.py. I changed this line https://github.com/O...vieList.py#L635 to

info = None

That means justStubInfo object is used everytime.

Then I have added a

print("RefCount", sys.getrefcount(justStubInfo))

here: https://github.com/E.../movies.py#L237

(and an import for sys and justStubInfo is needed)


I can see that refcount grows and grows with each call of the website.

When change it to "del movielist.list" ref count stays the same. So there is really a problem.


#1281213 One proc file for detecting the MACHINE in all enigma2 images.

Posted by betacentauri on 3 December 2020 - 18:57

I only say that such a file is maybe needed to get informations for multiboot from a not running image. I haven't said we should use that for a running image!

#1280793 OpenPLi Release Candidate 8.0 available.

Posted by betacentauri on 2 December 2020 - 22:14

If you flash OpenPLi via USB stick (warning all images are deleted!), you should be able to use latest OpenATV and OpenPLi images already now in multiboot. OpenVix and OpenHDF (if not older than a week) should also work.
Pure 6.5 I don’t know.

#1272126 OpenPLi Release 7.3 verfügbar ab Heute.

Posted by betacentauri on 11 November 2020 - 18:51

Habe gerade im Moment sehr wenig Zeit und die stecke ich in (sorry) wichtigere Themen. Ich hoffe, dass ich in den nächsten Tagen/Wochen ein wenig mehr Zeit habe um mir das mit den Startup Dateien anzuschauen.

#1250222 enigma2.sh script will not start after booting the set-top box

Posted by betacentauri on 3 September 2020 - 10:33

Looks ok.

I'm no expert, but afaik all scripts in /etc/init.d/rcS and then all scripts for runlevel /etc/rc3.d are executed. Wait means that all scripts have to finish execution before next line (gui:3:respawn:....enigma2.sh) for the runlevel is executed.


So either a script in /etc/rc3.d runs infinite or a scripts returns an error code.

Check "ps -w" whether a script is still running. Remove all own scripts if you have some.

#1231714 One proc file for detecting the MACHINE in all enigma2 images.

Posted by betacentauri on 14 July 2020 - 06:35

You can write a kernel module which creates the /proc entries by yourself. Is not very difficult. So you don’t need the manufacturer for it.
I only say it’s possible. I don’t say it’s better when we write it.

#1216202 Problem with the weather plugin. Can’t add any location.

Posted by betacentauri on 9 June 2020 - 18:13

You can try this, but I think you need to use twisted Agent to workaround it

import ssl
  _create_unverified_https_context = ssl._create_unverified_context
except AttributeError:
  ssl._create_default_https_context = _create_unverified_https_context

#1208002 Sorry but Mediaportal problem

Posted by betacentauri on 23 May 2020 - 09:39


#1202858 Test new qtwebbrowser.

Posted by betacentauri on 12 May 2020 - 21:25

I’m not sure whether it is already fixed. But we have to be sure that it is. Otherwise users will “kill” us.