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#1320215 Duo2-Could Not Startup

Posted by Dorfkind on 15 February 2021 - 19:20

1 and 2 are eqal caps: 1500 uF, 25V, 105 degrees

3 is not really readable, even here: http://linux-tv.com/...insidepower.jpg

But it should be written on the side.


When I would begin to solder, I´d


- short AC first to discharge rest capacity from the caps

- pull out power supply

- desolder all caps and renew them with same capacity and at least same voltage and temperature


Good luck!

#1319659 Duo2-Could Not Startup

Posted by Dorfkind on 14 February 2021 - 07:35

I´d bet, that not only the capacitors are dead...what happened there, lightning struck in?

I´d simply change the power supply...https://www.ebay.de/...r-/303241484999

#1301214 The new OpenPLi Release 8.0 is available for download.

Posted by Dorfkind on 8 January 2021 - 19:39

Request to all members and posters

plz dont forget to mention your box and image version with post it helps us to access the exact issue.


Anyone should put this info in the signature :rolleyes:

#1281977 Wifi adapter Vu+ Dual Band not compatible

Posted by Dorfkind on 5 December 2020 - 09:06

Please do

opkg update
opkg list | grep mt76

If something like


is displayed, simply do

opkg install enigma2-plugin-drivers-network-usb-mt7601u

and reboot. After reboot, configure it via GUI.