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Copy configuration files in a script ?

21 July 2020 - 14:33



As I use a Vu+ in 2 houses (principal and secondary), I have to change channels frequencies. If I launch a research, it's very long. Then I've seen the channels frequencies are stored in lamedb and lamedb5 (perhaps only one).


If I use a Telnet session with :


init 4

execute script "copy files"

init 3


It works well, but if I launch a script with the 3 commands with Hotkey, the new channels files are not kept.


If I use DreamBoxEdit with the 2 configurations stored, it doesn't work.


I can launch a copy script and switch off/switch on the box but it's not recommended.


Does somebody have an explanation and an idea to use a script ?


Thank you :) .

After a disk crash, I can access to the disk with Windows/Ext2 volume manager but not w...

4 May 2020 - 18:24



My disk crashed yesterday (a 8 TO Seagate I bought in January  :( ) during a recording and I can't access it. Pli doesn't see it. Ubuntu see it but it can't mount it.


I've tried with Ext2 volume manager in Windows and if some files have disappeared, I could save the other files on another disk.


OK it's not a Pli problem but perhaps somebody can say why this disk is lost for Ubuntu and Pli and if there is a solution to mount this disk and if I can find and save the missing files.


Thank you :) .

Where are stored the channels list after a tuner research?

31 December 2019 - 13:34



As I move one of my 2 Ultimo between my 2 houses, I have to launch a tuner research every time but it's very long. If I can store the 2 files and can copy the good one when I need it, it would be quicker.


Are they in etc\enigma2\lamedb (or etc\enigma2\lamedb5)?


Thank you :) .

How to access disks other devices with Pli 7.2 ?

10 December 2019 - 14:21



With Pli 6.2 and previous ones, I don't remember I have done anything I've done something to access the Freebox disk (which is in autoshare). Perhaps I have forgotten but when I go to the network manager, the parameters are the same in 7.2 and in 6.2. When I flash a 6.2 backup, it works, but I can't access this device with 7.2. It seems I have a similar problem with PC Windows disks.


Did not I seize the good parameters (share name, user name, password...) ?


Thank you :) .

Modify network name box is strange

10 December 2019 - 14:09



I got another Ultimo 4K but as the 2 boxes use the same name it's not convenient to access them from Windiws file explorer. Then I wanted to modify the name of the second one but the screen works strangely.


With this option, when we want to modify a label in the timers or to modify the name of a video in MovieManager, when we press the remote, the character is added at the end and we can easily move in the title.


For the network name, the cursor is nowhere and when we go to the end, it jumps to the middle. As astonishing it can be, at this position, it inserts characters at the end.


Thank you :) .