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Is there an hour when the box deletes old timers and trahs files ?

10 September 2019 - 15:08



I'm doing tests with my old Et9200 to use it sometimes. It doesn't work all the day, I start it electrically a few hours a day but it never deletes old timers and the files in the trash. Does it do the deletions at a particular time of the day? A time when it's off?


Thank you :) .

How to know what is the chipset of a WIFI key and get the driver ?

24 July 2019 - 14:17



I want to use a WIFI key on my old Xtrend ET9100 to connect it to my smartphone when I'm not at home. I've seen a lot of WIFI keys on Amazon which can be used on Linux.


Then is it sufficient to use the driver on the CD which is sold with the key? Or should I know the chipset? I don't know what is the chipset when I read the ad and I don't find it on Internet.


Thank you :) .