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In Topic: EPG of different channel

9 June 2022 - 21:53

Maybe I miss what you mean but that is the ServiceRef of the DVB-T channel. And there is no name of the channel and no country. It's my own modulator so I can give it any name, country, network ID, PIDs etc. Whatever I like.


A I see now what the ServiceRef is buf the EPG ID is unknown to me.

ok there's no official channel name? you have created yourself these channels and you transmit them yourself ?

In Topic: EPG of different channel

9 June 2022 - 17:47

Just give to Doglover the ServiceRef and the name of the channel (+ country). To find ServiceRef you can use dreamboxedit for each channel as the one you already found (1:0:1:3E8:1:1:EEEE0000:0:0:0)




In Topic: EPG of different channel

8 June 2022 - 22:27

I have a DVB-T channel without EPG.  But the same channel is also available as DVB-S2 channel.


How can I add the EPG info of the DVB-S2 channel to the DVB-T channel on the same receiver?


It that's not possible how can I add e.g. rytec EPG info to the DVB-T channel.

Yes it's possible of course. You just have to add epg id / ServiceRef to custom.channels.xml.

Other possibilitie is to add ServiceRef to rytec source,  Doglover what do you think about this?




In Topic: France EPG

26 May 2022 - 18:27

You speak about Gong and Gong Max. These channels aren't available on satellite so that means you handle your channels by an iptv reception mode. Are you sure that your lists are correctly configured? Each channel has to be affected to the correct reference. If you want you can give us the lines corresponding to your empty epg channels (lines available in your favourite tv file). If these ones are iptv channels, don't forget to replace your user and password by XXX YYY before posting here.

In Topic: France EPG

26 May 2022 - 12:30

Hi everybody.


In the last few days, I noticed that I no longer have the epg for some channels: 


- J One

- Comedie+

- Teva

- Serie Club

- Cine+ Club

- OCS Max

- OCS Geant

- TCM Cinema

- Discovery ID

- Nat Geo Wild

- Gong

- Gong Max

- Disney+

- etc...


Should it be possible to do something ? 


No epg grab problems. Did you select the corresponding sources? If yes and problem persist, delete your epg.dat, and do a killall -9 enigma2 and rerun epgimport.